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Behold, The Butterfly Fork!

Azan Training Practice Harmless Butterfly Fork

A butterfly knife may make a great presentation when it gets whipped out, but you can’t eat anything with it. (Plus, a fast-moving blade lends itself a little too well to nicks and cuts.) But finally, there is a way to combine eating with snazzy utensil moves.

The Azan Training Practice Harmless Butterfly Fork offers the showiness of a deadly weapon without all the deadly or weapon to go with it. To make things even better, the business end of the utensil includes a bottle opener. Plus, imagine how fast the line will open up next time at the buffet!

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Domino’s Japan Star Wars Pizza Promo

Star Wars Special Set from Domino's Japan includes lightsaber utensils and an R2-D2 delivery box.

I would order Domino’s Japan just to get it delivered in an R2-D2 box. Throw in some lightsaber utensils and I’d order it again to make sure I could get both the fork and the spoon (a spoon??). But eat Domino’s and watch Star Wars Episode One The Phantom Menace? Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. One can only handle so much!

(Via Boing Boing)

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Meatrake Pulled Pork

Meatrake MR2 BBQ Tool

Move over pulled pork and shredded chicken, there’s a new name in town. And that name is Meatrake MR2 BBQ Tool. Might one get the same results from using two forks? Maybe. But then that wouldn’t be Meatrake. Meatraked pork. Mmmm. Meatraked chicken. Mmmm. Meatrake. Meat. Rake. Two words that finally go together. Like vinegary hot sauce and pulled pork. I mean Meatraked pork. Mmm. Meatrake.

Product Features:

2 piece set
Ideal tool for pulling pork, chicken and shredding brisket
304 grade stainless steel tines will not corrode or break
Dishwasher safe
Comes with a protective cover

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Sterling Home Utensil Holder

Sterling Home Utensil Holder

Usually one tries to not mix dirty utensils with clean ones. Ah, but rules are meant to be broken. Hey, those bent forks and ugly spoons need a place to go, don’t they? At least the Sterling Home Utensil Holder thinks so. The little utensil vase features fused flatware used in a decorative manner, but if the thought of tarnished utensils mingling with sparkling silver gets you down, the thing could always be used as a candle holder. As for what gets melted down first–the wax or the holder–well, that’s up to you.

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Spoon Meets Sifter: The Spifter

The Spifter by 4 STIR, Inc. The spoon that is a sifter.

A sifter is an important kitchen tool to have hanging around. However, they usually don’t do too well for the smaller jobs; they are just too bulky. Even fine mesh strainers are too big when it comes to dong fine detail. That’s where The Spifter comes in. Perfectly sized for sifting sugar, herbs and spices, the little kitchen gadget even comes with three interchangeable screens. Pretty neat idea, actually. Good job, Spifter people!

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Spoon Rest Grows Up To Be Spatula Rest

Spatula Spoon Rest

Kitchen countertops are quite useful; they manage to hold up all sorts of things: toasters, plates, utensils, cats. Which is exactly the problem: they are busy little surfaces and as such are not the most cleanliest of places. Yet, while cooking we often end up using the countertop as a place to set down utensils. Oh sure, spoon rests abound, but what about the big stuff? Since you can’t flip a pancake with a spoon, the Spatula Spoon Rest is here to help.

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