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Ring Bologna Stuffing

Looks like the world needed this. Here, I’ll go ahead and google that for you:

Ring bologna stuffing has now been invented.

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Bikers’ Potluck

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Fish Stick Breakfast

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Clown Cupcakes

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Ham Snacks

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The New AeroGarden’s Are Here, The New AeroGarden is here!

I wonder what a tomato has to say?

Okay, maybe an Alexa enabled garden isn’t really about giving a voice to fruits and vegetables. (Who knows what plants have to say?) But what Alexa does do for you is help you control your new countertop garden. The AeroGarden Bounty Elite – Stainless Steel (Alexa-Enabled) is a new 2019 version of the popular indoor garden.

Featuring a sleek look and automated controls, year round veggies and herbs are only a countertop away — if your veggies have anything to say about it that is.

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