Loofah those fruits and vegetables

Eggplant, Ladybug and Pineapple Kitchen Loofahs

Fruits and vegetables never looked better after getting scrubbed with these Loofah-Art Natural Non-Scratch Kitchen Scrubber – Assorted Vegetables (Eggplant). Choose between Eggplant, Ladybug or Pineapple (and more) and easily wash dirt and grime away from everyday foods. The soft surface also means that these loofahs can also be used to safely clean non-stick pots and pans.

The best part is when not in use, these little loofahs look great hanging next to the sink. They each measure about 4-inches by 3-inches, and are instantly recognizable as the thing that they portray; although I’m not exactly sure what a ladybug has to do with a pineapple and an eggplant.

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