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Wine Bottle Chandelier

Sterling Industries 2-Light Collector's Pendant Wine Bottle Lighting

Upside-down wine bottles are a bummer simply because that usually means they are empty. (And if it doesn’t mean that, then they soon would be!) However, staring down the end of a bottle doesn’t have to be necessarily all bad. This wine bottle chandelier (officially named the Sterling Industries 2-Light Collector’s Pendant for some reason), looks to give all those empties a new life. And hey, the day after the party you can give any stragglers something to do.

March 16, 2012   No Comments

Sterling Home Utensil Holder

Sterling Home Utensil Holder

Usually one tries to not mix dirty utensils with clean ones. Ah, but rules are meant to be broken. Hey, those bent forks and ugly spoons need a place to go, don’t they? At least the Sterling Home Utensil Holder thinks so. The little utensil vase features fused flatware used in a decorative manner, but if the thought of tarnished utensils mingling with sparkling silver gets you down, the thing could always be used as a candle holder. As for what gets melted down first–the wax or the holder–well, that’s up to you.

March 14, 2012   No Comments