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Don’t Pizza Wheel When You Can Pizza Knife

Pizza Knife

Presentation has always been a big factor while serving food. Sometimes obvious areas for improvement are easily overlooked; most people do not think twice about grabbing a pizza wheel to cut up some slices. But a knife, a Pizza Knife specifically, could make a big impression. Especially when the thing is eighteen-inches long! Wow, now that’s a knife! Hopefully that homemade pizza stands up to it.

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A Mayo Getter-Outer

Mayo Jar Spreader

If you can’t lick ’em, join ’em. Not that many of us lick the mayo knife after applying the goopy goodness to sandwiches. Anyway, for whatever reason, mayonnaise jars (as well as many others) typically have hard-to-reach areas inside of them. The result is wasted food for no good reason. Aside from the occasional squeeze bottle, it doesn’t look like mayonnaise jars are going to change anytime soon, so might as well get on board with them and use something like the Mayo Jar Spreader to put an end to the waste. Also works for sauce jars, in which the makers are apparently in cahoots with the mayo people.

**UPDATE 2/20/2013**

Funny, the product link above didn’t stick around, so here’s a new one:

Compac Mayo Knife Spreader Plastic Knife Shaped To The Contour Of Mayonnaise Jars

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Eatensil Is A Utensil For Everything

Just Eat everything utensil, the Eatensil.

If you’re in London (and surrounding areas) you can use the internet to eat. Well, to order to eat, that is. Of course they do everything backwards (and on the wrong side of the road) back there, so instead of calling it ‘take-out’ they say ‘takeaway’. And Just-Eat is the internet-y way of ordering.

But what to do when the fish and chips arrive without the little wooden fork? Well, in a clever marketing bit, Just-Eat has created the Swiss Army knife of utensils, the Eatensil. Packed into the monstrosity is a pizza cutter, a wooden chip fork, chopsticks, a knife, a fork and a spoon. And for good measure a bottle opener is housed directly in the body. It doesn’t look like the Eatensil is in actual production, but I’m guessing that even over there, the pizza does arrive pre-sliced.

(Via Pocket Lint)

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Joseph Joseph Elevate Carousel Set

Joseph Joseph Elevate Carousel Set

The Joseph Joseph Elevate Carousel Set solves two problems for the price of one. And that’s not even considering the amount of kitchen tools this one set contains. Called ‘Elevate’ for a reason, the utensils feature weighted handles, allowing for tools to be rested on the counter without the business end coming into contact with the surface.

Then after all the cooking is done and the utensils are cleaned, the set gives a place to store its components. Included along with the spaghetti server, slotted spoon, ladle, slotted turner, solid spoon and flexible turner is a rotating base allowing for the tools to always be within reach. Of course, by solving two questions another one arises, and that one would be: ‘Where did all the counter space go?’

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Spare Me Bowling Ball Cheese Spreader Set

Spare Me Bowling Ball Cheese Spreader Set in Gift Box

Bowling and cheese go together like… well, I have no idea. Maybe cheese as in on a pizza? And pizza and beer go together, and beer and bowling go together? No, while all true that might be a stretch… Maybe because bowling is cheesy? No, bowling was never really exploited to the point where it could be cheesy. (Now if they started wearing matching sequined uniforms…) Bowling is just, bowling. Aha! I got it. Bowling is for everybody, just like everybody loves cheese. And beer. And pizza. Whatever, just go with it.

Whatever the connection is between bowling and cheese, it doesn’t matter as bowling-fans and cheese-lovers alike can enjoy this Spare Me Bowling Ball Cheese Spreader Set in Gift Box. Featuring four bowling pin cheese spreaders that rest inside a ceramic bowling ball, the novelty contraption will come in handy for all your bowling and cheese needs–whatever those may be.

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Excuse Me, But There Is A Hare In My Salad

Rabbit Ears Salad Servers Set of TWO Bunny Easter Dinnerware by DCI

Salad is rabbit food, as they say, and no better way is that proven than with these Rabbit Ears Salad Servers. When lurking in the salad bowl, this set of two salad utensils act as an amusing accessory at the table. The fork and spoon salad serving set might make a good way to get kids interested in salad, but then again they might be disappointed to find that there is not a real bunny rabbit at the other end of those ears.

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