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Spoon Rest Grows Up To Be Spatula Rest

Spatula Spoon Rest

Kitchen countertops are quite useful; they manage to hold up all sorts of things: toasters, plates, utensils, cats. Which is exactly the problem: they are busy little surfaces and as such are not the most cleanliest of places. Yet, while cooking we often end up using the countertop as a place to set down utensils. Oh sure, spoon rests abound, but what about the big stuff? Since you can’t flip a pancake with a spoon, the Spatula Spoon Rest is here to help.

August 12, 2011   No Comments

Lobster Spoonrest

Lobster Spoonrest

Practically every time I cook, I drop a utensil on the floor. Usually it is a result of trying to balance one too many things or to avoid messing up another dish. Whatever the reason, I could dramatically reduce utensil-related mishaps if I only had a stable base to rest cooking implements – perhaps something like this Lobster Spoonrest.

Bright red and sure to provoke conversation, the handy earthenware crustacean is a convenient holder for your cooking spoon. Easily wiped clean, the spoon holder saves countertops and stoves from the drippy, runny messes that all too often accompany mealtime. No matter what you’re cooking, this helpful little lobster is there to give you a claw hand.

May 21, 2009   No Comments