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Behold, The Butterfly Fork!

Azan Training Practice Harmless Butterfly Fork

A butterfly knife may make a great presentation when it gets whipped out, but you can’t eat anything with it. (Plus, a fast-moving blade lends itself a little too well to nicks and cuts.) But finally, there is a way to combine eating with snazzy utensil moves.

The Azan Training Practice Harmless Butterfly Fork offers the showiness of a deadly weapon without all the deadly or weapon to go with it. To make things even better, the business end of the utensil includes a bottle opener. Plus, imagine how fast the line will open up next time at the buffet!

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Don’t Pizza Wheel When You Can Pizza Knife

Pizza Knife

Presentation has always been a big factor while serving food. Sometimes obvious areas for improvement are easily overlooked; most people do not think twice about grabbing a pizza wheel to cut up some slices. But a knife, a Pizza Knife specifically, could make a big impression. Especially when the thing is eighteen-inches long! Wow, now that’s a knife! Hopefully that homemade pizza stands up to it.

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The Press Release Recipe Done Right

Grace Young's Stir Fry Tips and Wok Summer Salad Recipe.

Ah, press releases with recipes. Two great tastes that taste great together. Or at least one great taste. Usually. In any event, the following press release pairs not only a recipe for Spicy Stir-Fried Chicken Salad, but it does so while offering a few tips for wok-cooking. Nicely done, Edgecraft, makers of the Chef’sChoice 1520 AngleSelect Diamond Hone Electric Knife Sharpener.

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Stick A Knife In This Mezzaluna

Totally Bamboo Geo Mezzaluna Cutting Board And Knife Combination

A mezzaluna is a nice and neat way to chop herbs or other small items. The concave cutting board keeps chopped goodies in place while one simply rocks a rounded knife over them. It’s efficient and practical—until it comes time to store the knife.

The Totally Bamboo Geo Mezzaluna Cutting Board And Knife Combination features on-board storage for the oddly-shaped knife. Tucking away directly into the body of the board, the mezzaluna offers an easy and safe way to keep the handy cutlery at the ready. Plus its Moso bamboo construction is ecologically sound. Measures 10-inches by 10-inches and stands 1-inch tall.

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Crinkle Knife Makes Everything Taste Better

Zig Zag Crinkle Fruit & Vegetable Knife

You can’t really go wrong with a good crinkle-cut. Whether it is used for potatoes or carrots, the wavy texture lends another dimension of flavor. Perhaps they should make all food crinkle-cut, but until that time comes, we’ll just have to make do on our own. The Zig Zag Crinkle Fruit & Vegetable Knife is a start. Useful for creating fancy cuts on veggies, fruits and cheeses, the zig zag knife makes it easy to prepare flavorful foods using the same familiar motion as one would with a regular knife. Except this one just makes the food taste better.

***UPDATE 9/22/13***
The link above no longer works, so here is a new link to a Progressus Zig Zag Knife instead. Cheap, effective and the 5-star ratings love it. Crinkle on!

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Don’t Teach These Dogs To Play Fetch (That’s Because They Are Knives)

Kuhn Rikon kinderkitchen Kids’ Dog Knives

One may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but there are some dogs you probably shouldn’t try to teach any tricks. Aside from knife throwing and that knife between the fingers tabletop thing, there just aren’t that many good things to do with a kitchen knife aside from the preparation of food. Especially when it comes to kids’ knives.

More bark than bite, the Kuhn Rikon kinderkitchen Kids’ Dog Knives are specially designed with kids in mind and feature blades that are just sharp enough to cut through soft foods. Available in either a serrated version or not, the bright designs are intended to attract kids into the kitchen—which actually might be the best trick of all.

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