Gusteaux Quadghetti Spiralizer Makes New Words With Gusto

Vegetable spiralizer. Veggie spiralizer. Veggie spirals. Vegetable spiral. Just a few years ago, these words would not be found together. Now, of course, spiral cutters are popular and that means all these words can be found all jumbled together — kinda like a pile of veggie noodles on your plate. The Gusteaux Quadghetti 4-blade Spiralizer… Continue reading Gusteaux Quadghetti Spiralizer Makes New Words With Gusto

Water Spinach Splitter

Forget spiral slicers, veggie splitters are what it’s all about now. The Water Spinach Splitter looks to bring to the masses a specialized kitchen gadget that creates a neat garnish quickly and easily. Product Description: Water spinach (rau muong in Vietnamese, ong choy in Cantonese) is a super popular green vegetable in Southeast Asia and… Continue reading Water Spinach Splitter

Love Pizza Cutter

Nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like a sharp cutting implement. Relationships require trust, right? Like, perhaps, the trust to order the pizza with the correct toppings. (Or, more importantly the trust to not order the pizza with the incorrect toppings, because anchovies do not equal love.) Knowing this, pizza places long ago came up… Continue reading Love Pizza Cutter