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Meat Ornaments For The Meat Tree

Porcelain Snowflake Ornament of cured meats in Mercado Municipal, Sao Paulo Brazil

They say no two snowflakes are alike. Never is that more true than when the snowflake is made of meat.

Okay, the Porcelain Snowflake Ornament of cured meats in Mercado Municipal, Sao Paulo Brazil might not actually be made of meat, but it sure looks good enough to eat (don’t eat it).

And if the above snowflake of meat doesn’t look appetizing, perhaps these DELI PROSCIUTTO, PROVOLONE, SALAMI & PARMIGGIANO ORNAMENTS will strike your fancy.


Sure beats hanging leftover turkey from the tree.

December 2, 2013   1 Comment

Meatrake Pulled Pork

Meatrake MR2 BBQ Tool

Move over pulled pork and shredded chicken, there’s a new name in town. And that name is Meatrake MR2 BBQ Tool. Might one get the same results from using two forks? Maybe. But then that wouldn’t be Meatrake. Meatraked pork. Mmmm. Meatraked chicken. Mmmm. Meatrake. Meat. Rake. Two words that finally go together. Like vinegary hot sauce and pulled pork. I mean Meatraked pork. Mmm. Meatrake.

Product Features:

2 piece set
Ideal tool for pulling pork, chicken and shredding brisket
304 grade stainless steel tines will not corrode or break
Dishwasher safe
Comes with a protective cover

April 30, 2012   No Comments

California Avocado Recipes For Any State

California Avocado Guacamole Tarts (California Avocado Commission)

There’s a good chance the following recipes work with any avocado, and not necessarily California avocados, but I wouldn’t want to risk it. Best to listen to the press release that follows when making California Avocado Guacamole Tarts and Cumin Glazed Ribs with California Avocado Pineapple Salsa.

[

June 28, 2011   No Comments

Meatloaf Without The Fat Bath

Xtraordinary Home Products Nonstick Meatloaf Pan

Meatloaf may be delicious, but that deliciousness comes at a price. While baking in the oven, meatloaf spends a good amount of time stewing in it’s own juices. While fat certainly adds flavor, it is not wanted in quantity. Like a burger on the grill dripping fat down away from the food, the Xtraordinary Home Products Nonstick Meatloaf Pan gives grease an escape–other than the bottom of the oven. And hey, if you miss all that flavor, you can always make gravy out of the drippings.

May 1, 2011   No Comments

Play Ball! Here Come The Hot Dogs

Nostalgia HDC-701 Carnival Hot-Dog Cart with Umbrella

The new baseball season is here, and so are the hot dogs. Millions upon millions of hot dogs are about to be consumed. Now, more than ever, baseball fans have choices. (At least when it comes to what to eat at the stadium.) New this season are hot dogs with names like: Doyer Dog, Birdland Dog, Meat Lovers Hot Dog, and the Hit It Here Dog. Guess which ones are from which teams. Or just click on through to see the press release and find out.

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Get a grip on your meat carving

Gripper Carving Board

Slippery succulence is no fun for anyone, so it’s best to get a grip. No matter how enthusiastic the roast may be on escaping, the Gripper Carving Board is ready to step in and give you a hand. Featuring a spiked metal ring integrated into the center, the cutting board holds hard-to-grip goods in place whilst under the knife. Inset grooves channel juices away, providing not only the benefits of an easy-to-use workspace, but also one that stays tidy during the dirty work.

January 11, 2010   No Comments