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There’s now a reason to show off your ladle

Tate Otama from Mikiya Kobayashi Design

Most utensils suffer from a lack of notoriety. It’s not the fault of any particular cooking implement; most are resigned to spend their time buried in the junk utensil drawer. While utensils, in general, do not seek out the limelight, they could use a little more face time with the kitchen.

Yesterday I wrote about the Swissarmius, a storage/display option for utensils, and following up on that trend, today we have the Tate Otama from Mikiya Kobayashi Design. The freestanding ladles offer an elegant design married with practicality. Always at the ready, the ladle stands tall and proud—if just given the opportunity.

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Swissarmius brings the utensil drawer into the open


Has your utensil drawer decayed into a mish-mash of semi-pointed objects in which the needed tool is always just out of reach? Admit it, it’s easy to stay unorganized when it comes to cooking tools that we can store out of sight. Perhaps the best thing might be to bring the dark corners of your utensil collection out into the light. With the Swissarmius you can store all of your kitchen essentials right out in the open, organized and with style. Plus, it gives you a chance to really examine your need for owning three melon ballers. Trust me, you can let one of ‘em go.

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The rise of the utensil

Taster by Carl Mertens

We as a society seem to have been constantly upgrading our collective utensil sensibilities. During our humble beginnings eons ago we lurched around with crude knives. Since then, we have achieved a pinnacle of utensilology. The place setting has evolved into a minefield of utensils–all refined for specific uses. An unnecessary burden has been place upon us to distinguish the fish fork from the salad fork, and as such, the modern era has given rise to the somewhat-useful spork. Clearly, there is room for improvement.

The Taster by Carl Mertens brings the spork to the stovetop and back on out to the dinner table. With a spoon on one end and a fork on the other, the utensil is designed to give the cook convenient access to their creations. Furthermore, a small hook has been incorporated which can be used to fish out spaghetti or other elusive items. Evolution doesn’t come cheap however, and this spoon/fork/cooking-thingy will set you back $32.

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Utensil Pot Clips keep the cooking going

Trudeau Utensil Pot Clips

I am forever dropping utensils when I get going in the kitchen. It gets pretty fast and furious in there. While my creations may or may not always turn out delicious, one thing for sure is there will be plenty of dirty dishes — a good amount of them forks, spoons and stirrers that ended up on the floor.

These Utensil Pot Clips by Trudeau could change all that. Designed to keep your cooking implement close at hand (and off the floor), the pot clips offer a convenient place to keep your utensil when cooking. If you tend to rest your spatulas, ladles and all-purpose stirrers on the edge of the pot (and then on the floor), these clips might just be the item to keep the heat going in your kitchen.

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Antifreeze Ice Cream Scoop

Antifreeze Ice Cream Scoop

It’s not quite ice cream season yet, but before you know it, you are going to be adding ice cream to your grocery list as a must-have refrigerator staple. Be it a pint or a ‘pint’, you are going to need a way to scoop out the frozen deliciousness.

The Antifreeze Ice Cream Scoop has a non-toxic fluid sealed inside to keep the metal from frosting over. With the scoop doing most of the work, you will be able to save your arm strength for more important things; like eating the ice cream.

The scoop has a 2-ounce scoop capacity and is constructed of high-grade aluminum and ABS plastic. Hand-wash only.

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Price alert: Every serving utensil you will ever need

Serving Set

Bed Bath & Beyond has a special deal right now for a Reed and Barton Arlington 17-Piece Serving Set. For $19.99 you can get practically every utensil you will ever need when it comes to serving.

Set includes a gravy ladle, all-purpose tong, berry spoon, pie server, lasagna server, master serving spoon, master serving fork, pasta server, soup ladle, ice tong, macaroni sever plus two each of the serving spoon, pierced serving spoon, and serving fork.

Dishwasher safe, the pieces are constructed of chrome stainless steel. Not every serving piece you need? A carving knife and carving fork are available with the 13-piece set, also $19.99.

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