Magma Hot Plate Keeps Its Cool

Magma Hot Plate

One aspect of preparing a meal that always requires some coordination is the capability to keep hot food, well, hot. After the juggling act is completed, and all the elements of a dish survive hot and ready to be served, there is one last thing to consider: seconds.

Reaching across the table and grabbing a second pork chop is made much more enjoyable if that chop is hot. But if you’re going to keep a hot serving platter on hand while dining, a trivet of some sort is necessary to protect the table. Might as well make it one that helps to keep food at a serving temperature. With a 2-3 minute spin in the microwave, the Magma Hot Plate absorbs enough heat to be kept at the table as a warming device. A heat-resistant base protects tabletops, making this hot plate/trivet combination an easy choice for doing double duty at the dining table.

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