Gusteaux Quadghetti Spiralizer Makes New Words With Gusto

Vegetable spiralizer. Veggie spiralizer. Veggie spirals. Vegetable spiral. Just a few years ago, these words would not be found together. Now, of course, spiral cutters are popular and that means all these words can be found all jumbled together — kinda like a pile of veggie noodles on your plate. The Gusteaux Quadghetti 4-blade Spiralizer… Continue reading Gusteaux Quadghetti Spiralizer Makes New Words With Gusto

Pace Your Hot Dog Eating And Remember The Buns

There comes a time in every hot dog’s existence that it comes time to be eaten. Some enjoy a long, extended life, perpetually spinning on some Kwik-E-Mart hot dog rack. Others succumb to a fate where existence ends in a blink of an eye. Or, more specifically, the blink of hot dog eating contest champion… Continue reading Pace Your Hot Dog Eating And Remember The Buns

What Is It?

Hint: The incredible, inedible part of the egg is not all there.

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Water Spinach Splitter

Forget spiral slicers, veggie splitters are what it’s all about now. The Water Spinach Splitter looks to bring to the masses a specialized kitchen gadget that creates a neat garnish quickly and easily. Product Description: Water spinach (rau muong in Vietnamese, ong choy in Cantonese) is a super popular green vegetable in Southeast Asia and… Continue reading Water Spinach Splitter

Endurance Vintage Nutgrinder

Kitchen prep work requires some elbow grease; chopping, slicing, mixing and cutting can be hard work. Ah, but the work is worth it when a delicious meal is the result. Still, sometimes cooking can seem like a marathon. One that requires endurance. Such as the Endurance Vintage Nutgrinder. The 1.25-cup glass jar has a stainless… Continue reading Endurance Vintage Nutgrinder