Domo Toaster

Butter, jam and sandwich meats in general should be very afraid. Here comes the Domo Toaster! But perhaps more frightening is wondering what took a bite out of the slice of Domo toast up there. Somehow, I suspect a certain kitten is involved…

Donut Cam For National Doughnut Day From Japan

Members of the human species have evolved into creatures that have long arms. Why? To better hold up their cell phones for picture-taking, of course. However, it is not just the desire to reach higher than low-hanging fruit that has fueled this growth. As always, we as a species strive for more. Like donuts. The… Continue reading Donut Cam For National Doughnut Day From Japan

CuteZCute Sandwich Cutter

You are looking at the CuteZCute Sandwich Cutter. It not only cuts the crusts off of bread, but it also makes four little bite-sized pocket sandwiches at the same time. It is very cute. That is all. Except for the product description below, which also is very cute. Of course. Cute! Product Description This sandwich… Continue reading CuteZCute Sandwich Cutter