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Laziest Halloween costume ever

Skeleton Oven Mitt

Every year I plan Halloween costumes, yet every year I end up being Dead Guy. Even though I swear up and down that I’m going to make some elaborate costume, somehow Dead Guy continues to rise. Well no longer! This year instead of the mad rush to Walgreens to pickup some $1.98 face paint, I’m going to plan ahead and make something clever, funny… ah who am I kidding? Now that I discovered the Skeleton Oven Mitt I might not even bother with the face paint!

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Pasta Vision for those that do not see

Koolatron Pasta Vision PV100-8

The really cool superheroes have x-ray vision or heat-ray eyes, but there is another class of totally lame superheroes (or villains) that have bunk powers. However, Asbestos Man and Doctor Bong have nothing to fear from anybody who has Pasta Vision.

Featuring a concealed heating element mounted in a cool-touch base, the pasta maker is “a fun and easy way to cook your favorite pasta dish”. It may be easy to use, but I’m not sure how much fun I would be having. Chances are I’d be kicking myself for buying this $60 kitchen appliance. However, I’m sure Saucepan Man (if he existed) would be so proud of me once I defeated this awful Pasta Vision by simply throwing it away.

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Half an apple a day keeps the mutants away (or not)

genetic mutant apple

Finally Mother Nature is catching up with mankind. We have given the world peanut butter and jelly in a single jar, Neapolitan ice cream and the magic of Nerds. It’s about time the natural world followed suit with a little flavor mixing.

Apparently the Golden Delicious was picked from the tree by one Ken Morrish of England. The red side is supposedly sweeter, having spent more time in the sun, which is perfect for those of us who appreciate a little sweetness with a tangy apple. Even though the experts say it was a genetic freak with odds of a million to one, I say Mother Nature is finally getting around to the good stuff.

Via Al Dente and Mail Online

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Pumpkin Lights scream for no one

Pumpkin Lights with Remote Control

Halloween is creeping up. Time to start planning for some spookiness. While these Pumpkin Lights with Remote Control are certainly a neat idea, I can’t help think that they could be better. Sure, having a flameless light inside your jack-o’-lantern is a good thing, especially when it means you don’t have to reach into the increasingly goopy interior to turn it on. (Assuming, of course, it survives Halloween night.) I just can’t help thinking that something is missing.

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Bullet Express: Not just for men

Bullet Express Meal Machine

Considering the name and uh, styling, of this kitchen appliance, I’m not sure if this is designed with men or women in mind, but either way the strong and powerful machine happens to be versatile too.

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Timetable says: Hurry up and eat!

The Timetable

The Timetable may have been invented as a means to improve efficiency in the office, but this productivity-enforcing table could change the way we eat.

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