Tunes From The Toaster

As far as kitchen appliances go, the toaster is pretty much the party animal of the bunch. Either that or the class clown. But no matter which way you look at it, there’s no denying that the ubiquitous little countertop appliance sees its share of gimmicks. Gadgets and gizmos routinely get attached to the machine,… Continue reading Tunes From The Toaster

Price Alert: Breakfast Center keeps breakfast together

Everybody loves breakfast. Not only is it the most important meal of the day, but it also happens to be good at any time of the day. Morning, noon or night, bacon, eggs, coffee and toast make for an excellent meal. These components may define what a breakfast is, but sadly, they are not always… Continue reading Price Alert: Breakfast Center keeps breakfast together

Kitchen sink goes beyond the kitchen sink

For a kitchen sink, this gizmo sure goes beyond what one would expect. The Meneghini Happy Fresh cooled sink combines a cooler with everything but the kitchen sink. Using either cooled water or air to achieve this chill the kitchen sink is the first domestic sink with an incorporated refrigeration system. When the removable perforated… Continue reading Kitchen sink goes beyond the kitchen sink

All-in-one breakfast sandwich maker

It doesn’t take much to get knocked off-track in the morning. The simple task of creating breakfast can be like navigating a hazardous course fraught with peril. Dodging pots and pans while trying to create some simple sustenance can be quite the chore for the non-morning person. That’s why we have the Back to Basics… Continue reading All-in-one breakfast sandwich maker