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It’s A Zoo In There (The Fridge, That Is)


Fridgeezoo gives a voice to all the critters of the icebox by howling and screaming if the refrigerator door gets held open too long. The gadgets are shaped like little milk cartons dressed up as various cold-climate creatures such as a polar bear, a penguin, a seal or a walrus. Of course, since these Japanese gadgets are probably light-activated, you can save even more energy just by unscrewing the refrigerator light.

(Via Oh Gizmo! and Craziest Gadgets)

November 2, 2010   No Comments

Have A Ball With Your Water

Jokari 229241 Water Infuser Ball

Nature has done a great job in giving us the cool, refreshing, life-sustaining beverage known as water. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make it better. The Jokari 229241 Water Infuser Ball is a simple way of improving upon Mother Nature’s best. The small ball is meant to be filled with citrus and/or herbs and then placed in a pitcher of water, infusing it with new and exciting flavors. Lemon-flavored water may be a rarity out in the wild, and now finally—like having nature at your command—the delicious beverage can be yours. (Without those pesky lemon slices falling in your glass.)

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Half an apple a day keeps the mutants away (or not)

genetic mutant apple

Finally Mother Nature is catching up with mankind. We have given the world peanut butter and jelly in a single jar, Neapolitan ice cream and the magic of Nerds. It’s about time the natural world followed suit with a little flavor mixing.

Apparently the Golden Delicious was picked from the tree by one Ken Morrish of England. The red side is supposedly sweeter, having spent more time in the sun, which is perfect for those of us who appreciate a little sweetness with a tangy apple. Even though the experts say it was a genetic freak with odds of a million to one, I say Mother Nature is finally getting around to the good stuff.

Via Al Dente and Mail Online

October 2, 2009   1 Comment

Grow your own $100 cucumber

Cucumber on a pizza?

You know how square watermelons (for some reason) sell for close to one hundred dollars in Japan? Well, now you can get in on the ground floor for the next big craze: fanciful cucumber design. Tap into your entrepreneurial spirit with Heart Shaped Cucumber Molds.

Working the same way as the aforementioned ovally-challenged watermelons, simply place your young cucumber into the device and let Mother Nature run its course. (Constricted by this contraption, that is.) When it’s time to harvest, remove the sleeve, and it’s off to market you go!

Via InventorSpot

February 26, 2009   6 Comments