(Not So) Scary Halloween Kitchen Towels

Soon, little ‘boils’ and ‘ghouls’ will be dressing in costumes and hitting the neighborhood streets going door to door asking for candy. One day out of the year, this surprisingly works! Perhaps this was all a big scheme cooked up by candy-makers, or perhaps it is the threat of tricks that earn these little costumed… Continue reading (Not So) Scary Halloween Kitchen Towels

Happy Halloween!

Considering the amount of jack-o’-lanterns out in the wild tonight, I thought it might be appropriate to examine another use for the famous gourd. Therefore, we show the Heirloom Pumpkin Serveware Collection. Consisting of tureens, dipping bowls, salad plates and the like, the tableware is… what’s that you say? Just get to the jack-o’-lantern? Oh… Continue reading Happy Halloween!

Damn kids won’t set my porch on fire this Halloween

Pumpkins must not mind being impaled by sharp objects. Around this time of year they do seem to always have that stupid grin on their faces. I’d say that’s proof positive that using the Pumpkin Pal Stake to illuminate the carcass jack-o’-lantern this Halloween is a-okay. Besides, using two AAA batteries won’t set the porch… Continue reading Damn kids won’t set my porch on fire this Halloween

Pumpkin Lights scream for no one

Halloween is creeping up. Time to start planning for some spookiness. While these Pumpkin Lights with Remote Control are certainly a neat idea, I can’t help think that they could be better. Sure, having a flameless light inside your jack-o’-lantern is a good thing, especially when it means you don’t have to reach into the… Continue reading Pumpkin Lights scream for no one