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Superhero Aprons

Ladies Bat Apron from Bethany Sew & Sew

Forget culinary school, all it takes to cook like a superhero is one of these made-to-order aprons. Handmade from Bethany Sew & Sew, an astounding amount of characters are all available to order. Nice!

(Via Boing Boing)

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Pasta Vision for those that do not see

Koolatron Pasta Vision PV100-8

The really cool superheroes have x-ray vision or heat-ray eyes, but there is another class of totally lame superheroes (or villains) that have bunk powers. However, Asbestos Man and Doctor Bong have nothing to fear from anybody who has Pasta Vision.

Featuring a concealed heating element mounted in a cool-touch base, the pasta maker is “a fun and easy way to cook your favorite pasta dish”. It may be easy to use, but I’m not sure how much fun I would be having. Chances are I’d be kicking myself for buying this $60 kitchen appliance. However, I’m sure Saucepan Man (if he existed) would be so proud of me once I defeated this awful Pasta Vision by simply throwing it away.

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No pizza is safe from Mario Batali pizza cutters


Okay, it’s official: Mario Batali truly is a superhero. Just take a look at that Mario Batali Pizza Knife. Only the purest of heart and clearest of mind can wield such a weapon tool. It even has his personal superhero logo plastered on it, so there can be no doubt as to whom it belongs. The pizza knife measures fifteen and a half inches across, allowing for the slaying slicing of most pizzas in one fell swoop. For the not-so-pure-of-heart, or for those still in training, there is always the Mario Batali Pizza Wheel. As a convenience for the home cook, the master chef has made sure there is a place for these in the home; Both the wheel and the knife feature nylon styling to protect your delicate non-stick pans.


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Fingers rejoice: Mario Batali to the rescue!

Mario Batali Cheese Grater

Cheese graters come in many different shapes and sizes, but no matter which style you prefer it takes a certain nimbleness to navigate the end of a block of cheese. A shredded pile of deliciousness may be staring you in the face, but the question always remains what to do with the piece of cheese left in your hand. Too small to properly grasp, and too large to consider as shredded, more often than not, this little kitchen scrap gets nibbled on or thrown away. Sometimes to the dismay of our fingers, we throw caution to the wind, and try to shred out every last scrap of cheese in the block.

No longer must cooks suffer the humility of grated knuckles simply to utilize the whole block of cheese. The Mario Batali Cheese Grater features an ingenious design that incorporates a cheese grip right into the handle. While shredding, simply press down on the cheese with the easy-to-grip handle, and your fingers will be protected. Cheese is delivered right into the measuring vessel, and there is even a lid so you can save any unused cheese. Saving fingers and cheese, Mario Batali might be the next superhero. Now if he can only figure out what to do with that pesky economy.

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