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Black Cat Cupcakes recipe from 1971

Happy Halloween!

Pro tip: Serve Witches’ Cauldron Soup with the recipe for Black Cat Cupcakes on the back of the card.

(In other words “any vegetable soup.”)

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Happy Halloween

Spooks /n Goblins Halloween party recipe card from Betty Crocker circa 1971.

Black Cat Cupcakes. Mmmmm. I mean Boooooo. I mean Happy Halloween!

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What To Do With All That (Lame) Halloween Candy

Nostalgia Electrics PCM-805 Hard Candy/Sugar Free Cotton Candy Maker

Near the bottom of the Halloween candy hierarchy is hard candy. Trick or treating is about going door to door, freeloading off of our neighbors and rating how cool they are by what candy they dole out. Chocolate bars? A-ok. Hard candy? Lame. Just a step up from granola snacks or rice crackers.

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Damn kids won’t set my porch on fire this Halloween

Pumpkin Pal Stake

Pumpkins must not mind being impaled by sharp objects. Around this time of year they do seem to always have that stupid grin on their faces. I’d say that’s proof positive that using the Pumpkin Pal Stake to illuminate the carcass jack-o’-lantern this Halloween is a-okay. Besides, using two AAA batteries won’t set the porch on fire when those damn teenagers knock the pumpkin over. Get off my lawn!

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Laziest Halloween costume ever

Skeleton Oven Mitt

Every year I plan Halloween costumes, yet every year I end up being Dead Guy. Even though I swear up and down that I’m going to make some elaborate costume, somehow Dead Guy continues to rise. Well no longer! This year instead of the mad rush to Walgreens to pickup some $1.98 face paint, I’m going to plan ahead and make something clever, funny… ah who am I kidding? Now that I discovered the Skeleton Oven Mitt I might not even bother with the face paint!

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Spooky gingerbread house is a home for candy corn

Fox Run Halloween Gingerbread Haunted House Kit

As far as gingerbread houses go, Halloween seems like the perfect holiday for them. Candy flows freely during this time of year, a happenstance that offers mounds of sugary treats just waiting to be converted into building supplies. Alas, the fat man in the red suit has usurped this logical practice, turning gingerbread houses everywhere into gumdrop-adorned travesties of tradition. Well, no longer!

The Fox Run Halloween Gingerbread Haunted House Kit offers the ability for kids of all ages to decorate a gingerbread house the way it was meant to be. Plastic pumpkins and pillowcases full of chocolate treats finally have a place to end up aside from turning into a melted glob of goo found under the mattress months down the road. Perhaps most importantly, this gingerbread house finally supplies a place to put all that horrible candy corn. Comes with seven cookie cutters, a cardboard base and an icing set for decorating.

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