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Potato or potatoe, it all spells g-l-o-v-e-s

Potato Scrubbing Gloves

There’s something extremely comforting about knowing what things are what. Some of us like to have this information explicitly spelled out for us. However, these Potato Scrubbing Gloves may cause some confusion. Although they are clearly marked “potato”, I don’t believe they would fry up too nicely. If you don’t want to risk being labeled a potato yourself, veer away from these somewhat confusing gloves.

As a side note, there’s a joke in here somewhere about Dan Quayle not wearing his potato mittens to school as a child, but I’m too lazy to find it. Hmm… seeing as that is such a couch potato maneuver, maybe these gloves aren’t such a bad fit after all!

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Weekend waffles ready for anything

Four Square Belgian Flip Waffler by CucinaPro

Everybody loves waffles. How could they not? Waffles serve as the perfect platform for weekend breakfast. They can be sweet or savory, and can accommodate almost any topping from chicken to eggs.

There’s no getting around it; if you want to make waffles you are going to need a waffle iron. The Four Square Belgian Flip Waffler by CucinaPro can help you out. Creating four waffles a time, the waffle maker utilizes a turn-able design to assure even results. Waffle batter is poured on to the extra thick heating plates, and then flipped to assist in even baking. The heavy baking plates create even heat distribution, while the gravity assisted baking keeps the batter from sinking to one side. The result is a delicious evenly cooked waffle ready for anything you can think of to top it with. Let the weekend begin!

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Refrigerator light gnomes expand operations

Cooler Light from Taylor Gifts

Does the light really shut off when you close the ice chest door? Wait, there is no light inside the ice chest. That is, unless you have this Cooler Light from Taylor Gifts. Other than providing minutes of entertainment as the mystery of the cooler light is explored by opening and shutting the ice chest, the cooler light provides much needed illumination for when the party heads into the night. There’s nothing worse than grabbing a Coke when what you really wanted was a PBR. Now that all-too-common mix-up can finally be avoided. As for the cooler light? Yes, it does shut off automatically twenty seconds after you close the lid. But to see the light gnomes in action, you’ll have to buy one and see for yourself.

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