Endurance Vintage Nutgrinder

Kitchen prep work requires some elbow grease; chopping, slicing, mixing and cutting can be hard work. Ah, but the work is worth it when a delicious meal is the result. Still, sometimes cooking can seem like a marathon. One that requires endurance. Such as the Endurance Vintage Nutgrinder. The 1.25-cup glass jar has a stainless… Continue reading Endurance Vintage Nutgrinder

Mini Alligator Makes Mincemeat (Not Out Of You)

Alligators have teeth. Lots of teeth. About eighty as a matter of fact. That’s more teeth than I care to think about, especially as far as alligators are concerned. One would think exchanging those teeth for stainless steel blades would only create an even more terrifying creature, but at least in the case of this… Continue reading Mini Alligator Makes Mincemeat (Not Out Of You)

Two Garlic-Shaped Garlic Keepers (And A Garlic Chopper Too)

Garlic is a finicky thing. Some may say that even a little is too much, while others say that there can be no such thing as too much of good thing. Whether you like, love or hate garlic, its pungency isn’t the only aspect that requires a little attention: Where the heck are you supposed… Continue reading Two Garlic-Shaped Garlic Keepers (And A Garlic Chopper Too)

Under-the-cabinet food-processing and coffee-grinding

Some appliances get put to use every day, and as such, are usually just left out on the counter. It’s nice to always have your most often used tools easily at your disposal, but when not in use, these popular appliances have a tendency to get in the way. The Black and Decker Spacemaker Stainless… Continue reading Under-the-cabinet food-processing and coffee-grinding