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Endurance Vintage Nutgrinder

Endurance Vintage Nutgrinder grinder for nuts

Kitchen prep work requires some elbow grease; chopping, slicing, mixing and cutting can be hard work. Ah, but the work is worth it when a delicious meal is the result. Still, sometimes cooking can seem like a marathon. One that requires endurance. Such as the Endurance Vintage Nutgrinder.

The 1.25-cup glass jar has a stainless steel hopper and a hand crank for manual nut grinding. It even has measurement markings along the side, so you can keep track of the progress — assuming you don’t stop for a ground nut snack along the way!

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Twist To Chop Garlic

Rosle Garlic Cutter

Garlic, being the all-powerful little clove that it is, can be used in so many ways. But after all the roasting, frying, slicing and grating, there is always good ol’ chopped garlic to come back to; it goes with everything. Far from being the new black, chopped garlic is an old standby, always in style. It’s just how you chop it that changes.

The Rosle Garlic Cutter offers an easy way to chop garlic. Simply fill with peeled garlic cloves and grab it when ready. With a twisting motion much like a pepper mill, the garlic mill delivers freshly minced garlic with a minimum of effort. Perfect for garlic lovers who consider garlic a spice on par with salt and pepper.

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Mini Alligator Makes Mincemeat (Not Out Of You)

Mini Alligator

Alligators have teeth. Lots of teeth. About eighty as a matter of fact. That’s more teeth than I care to think about, especially as far as alligators are concerned. One would think exchanging those teeth for stainless steel blades would only create an even more terrifying creature, but at least in the case of this alligator, that’s the furthest thing from the truth. Because this little prep gadget is cute.

Instead of teeth, the Mini Alligator features rows of mince-making stainless steel cutting blades. Snapping down like the mouth of an alligator, the kitchen gadget cuts small items like garlic, olives, radishes and shallots into 1/8-inch long sticks. For a fine dice, just take those sticks and give them another run-through, making sure to turn them 180 degrees before snapping down the handle. Certainly a lot more friendly than the carnivore variety—and one whose alligator smile I can actually trust.

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Two Garlic-Shaped Garlic Keepers (And A Garlic Chopper Too)

Garlic Keeper - Terracotta by MSC International

Garlic is a finicky thing. Some may say that even a little is too much, while others say that there can be no such thing as too much of good thing. Whether you like, love or hate garlic, its pungency isn’t the only aspect that requires a little attention: Where the heck are you supposed to store the stuff?

In the cupboard? In the fridge? On the counter? In a hanging basket with other fruits and vegetables, shedding garlic paper and imparting its essence to everything it touches?

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Bullet Express: Not just for men

Bullet Express Meal Machine

Considering the name and uh, styling, of this kitchen appliance, I’m not sure if this is designed with men or women in mind, but either way the strong and powerful machine happens to be versatile too.

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Under-the-cabinet food-processing and coffee-grinding

Black and Decker Spacemaker Stainless Steel Chopper/Grinder

Some appliances get put to use every day, and as such, are usually just left out on the counter. It’s nice to always have your most often used tools easily at your disposal, but when not in use, these popular appliances have a tendency to get in the way.

The Black and Decker Spacemaker Stainless Steel Chopper/Grinder solves this problem by mounting under a cabinet. With interchangeable blades and containers, the device can be used as mini-food processor or coffee grinder. There is pulse control for chopping, along with a grind selection button for choosing between fine, medium and coarse. Measuring less than ten inches across, with a height of about 5.5 inches, the Spacemaker not only frees up valuable counter space, but also allows for the ability to accomplish everyday tasks with one convenient unit.

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