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Color Changing LED Faucet

3 Colors Discoloration LED Light Temperature Control Sensor, Temperature Sensitive LED Light Water Faucet

No kitchen is complete without the ability to wash the dishes in color-appropriate light, right? Red for hot, green for room temperature and blue for cold. The LED Light Copper Temperature Control Water Faucet even flashes red when the water is too hot. Powered completely by water pressure, the device doesn’t require any batteries. How well does it work? Well, no reviews are up yet, but it is less than 10 bucks…

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Wine Cork Candles

Wine Cork Candles

Mood lighting sets tone and ambiance — important ingredients for fine dining. If you are going to do something, do it right. Like making the Wine Bottle Chandelier from the other day. But that is just the start.

When it is time to turn the lights down low, all those leftover empty bottles can still be put to use. The Wine Cork Candles offers the perfect complement to the case of bottles that got used for the chandelier construction. Just don’t make the mistake of using the bottles of the chandelier to hold the candles–melted wax hardly makes for a delicious dessert.

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Wine Bottle Chandelier

Sterling Industries 2-Light Collector's Pendant Wine Bottle Lighting

Upside-down wine bottles are a bummer simply because that usually means they are empty. (And if it doesn’t mean that, then they soon would be!) However, staring down the end of a bottle doesn’t have to be necessarily all bad. This wine bottle chandelier (officially named the Sterling Industries 2-Light Collector’s Pendant for some reason), looks to give all those empties a new life. And hey, the day after the party you can give any stragglers something to do.

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The (Candle) Light Side Of The Force

Star Wars Lightsaber Candlestick

Even Jedi Masters need to sit down and have a nice meal every once in a while. Dining in the glow of a light saber sometimes does the trick, but if it accidentally gets knocked over, sparks will fly. Luckily for all, there is the Star Wars Lightsaber Candlestick. It won’t provide the same awesome illumination as would a real light saber, but then again, it won’t cut the table in half if it falls over.

October 21, 2011   No Comments

Shine A Light On Wine Grapes

Grapevine Desk And Table Touch Lamp by Collections Etc

For thirty bucks, it’s doubtful that those grapes are made of glass, but wouldn’t it be cool if they were? Actually, this Grapevine Desk And Table Touch Lamp is still kinda cool. And besides, after drinking a few glasses of wine, you won’t have to worry so much about knocking it over.

February 9, 2011   7 Comments

Visualizing Microwaves

The microwave is a toy. A science toy…

(Via Dvice)

November 20, 2010   1 Comment