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Serving little green men

Wooden Flying Saucer Serving Bowl, To Serve Man -- Museum of Robots.

Wooden ships may float, but wooden spaceships? Maybe. But if you’re using this Flying Saucer Serving Bowl, you’re probably going to hope that it is too weighed down with delicious foods to get up and fly away. Depending on what you’re serving, that is. I’ll pass on the bowl of little green men, thank you very much.

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Your $5.99 down the drain

Farberware Pro Tuna Press

I totally understand the rationale for the Farberware Pro Tuna Press to exist. A can of tuna is filled with oil or water; somehow that liquid needs to be removed. Of course, a tuna press! The only question that remains is how to remove the lid from the can of tuna when it drops down into the can. I guess by pressing down on it… that would then press out the water. Oh. Hmm…still, this useless kitchen gadget is a nice green color, isn’t it? I wonder what the semi-pro version looks like.

December 4, 2009   2 Comments

Serving chef-brain soup

Revol Porcelain Chef Hat Server

Zombies may always in style, but this chef hat doesn’t contain any brains. Sorry. Well, unless you put them in yourself. In which case you might be a zombie. But if that were true, you would have no need to purchase this Revol Porcelain Chef Hat Server, because you can just go out and get your own—with brains still in it. However, chances are that if you are reading this, you are not a zombie, in which case it would be perfectly appropriate to pick up either the Large (with a 5.25-ounce capacity) version or the Mini (1.75-ounce capacity), and fill it with whatever your (hopefully beating) heart desires.

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Tubes worked for the internet: why not cereal too?

Quatuor by Arthur Senant

You know those Trader Joe’s cereals that are really, really good, but for some reason don’t come in large boxes? I mean, there are probably about four bowls of cereal per box. Yeah, they’re good, and yeah, they cost a couple of bucks, but c’mon! I don’t want to feel the need to buy a box every other day. Mr. Trader Joe: either make ‘em in a bigger size, or send ‘em directly into my kitchen.

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Talking scale just won’t shut up

Talking Kitchen Scale

There’s something slightly disturbing about appliances that talk. The cool, metallic voice of this Talking Scale may seem nonjudgmental at first, but give it time and it will sound as if it is taking on a mocking tone. The spoken emphasis will be placed on pounds instead of just simply reciting the number… a preprogrammed sense of disbelief at your weight will shine through its circuits… it will start gasping when you step on it. In a way, you can’t blame the device: I’d be grumpy too if people stood on me all day…

Oh, this isn’t that type of scale? Hmm. Great idea then!

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Class up your drinking in public

BarGoGo Transformer Portable Bar

Brown paper bags may never go out of style, but at some point it’s time to step up your game when it comes to drinking in public. If you’re tired of getting hassled by the Man when getting your drink on, perhaps it’s time to class up the joint a bit. Any park, beach or street corner can be transformed into your own little watering hole with the BarGoGo Transformer Portable Bar.

Yes, it costs a thousand dollars, and sure, you have to stock it yourself, but when you roll up with a foldable bar this weekend, you’re sure to be the life of the party; in fact, you’ll literally make the party. Any cop seeing this getup is bound to pass right on by—but keep a stash of brown paper bags behind the bar, just in case.

(Via Born Rich)

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