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Pumpkin Lights scream for no one

Pumpkin Lights with Remote Control

Halloween is creeping up. Time to start planning for some spookiness. While these Pumpkin Lights with Remote Control are certainly a neat idea, I can’t help think that they could be better. Sure, having a flameless light inside your jack-o’-lantern is a good thing, especially when it means you don’t have to reach into the increasingly goopy interior to turn it on. (Assuming, of course, it survives Halloween night.) I just can’t help thinking that something is missing.

The option to choose intensity level and decide between a steady glow and a flickering light is a nice touch. However, considering they are battery powered and there is a remote control and all, couldn’t these pumpkin lights at least let out a little scream? I mean, when I walk down the Halloween aisle at Walgreens practically every other item starts screaming at me. Speakers must be exceedingly cheap for manufacturers. I’d like to think that I could expect that from my carved pumpkins too.

Unfortunate Bonus Link: Sadly, this thing does scream.

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