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Lazy Susan: Queen Of The Apples

Apple Shaped Wooden Lazy Susan W/ Guardrail by Collections Etc

If you are going to do something, do it right. That means attention to detail. As far as the Apple Shaped Wooden Lazy Susan W/ Guardrail by Collections Etc goes, it is the perfect addition for apple-themed kitchens–no matter what your name happens to be.

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This Apple Is As Big As A Bread Box

Apple Bread Box

Because it is a bread box! An Apple Bread Box. Holds two loaves of bread… or a whole buncha apples.

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Apple-Themed Paper Plate Dispenser

Apple Decor Wooden Paper Plate Holder by Collections Etc

If you’re going to deck out your kitchen with a particular theme, deck it out right. That means down to the last detail, like the paper plate dispenser. Oh, you don’t have a paper plate dispenser? Well, you can pick up one right here. The Apple Decor Wooden Paper Plate Holder by Collections Etc. mounts directly on the wall or sits comfortably on top of the counter. And then silently mocks you when you run out of apple-themed paper plates.

UPDATE 10/13/22: Looks like it is no longer available, but here is the link to apples in the Collections Etc store on Amazon. (And tell them to pick more apples!)

February 13, 2011   2 Comments

Apples Everywhere

Apple Decor Stick-on Kitchen Decals by Collections Etc

Perhaps kitchen decorating should be left to the professionals. Then again, if you know you like apples, you know you like apples. And if you like apples, you’ll love the Apple Decor Stick-on Kitchen Decals by Collections Etc. The set of thirty decals adhere anywhere and everywhere in the kitchen–and perhaps best of all they are entirely reusable. Apples everywhere, forever!

UPDATE 3/14/12: Looks like they are sold out, but as a consolation–and sticking with the apples everywhere theme–check out these Kitchen Appliance Handle Covers W/ Apple Design by Collections Etc. Now even stove and refrigerator handles can get in on the act!

February 3, 2011   5 Comments

Apple Cooker Set Cores And Cooks

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but after a while it can boring eating the same thing day in and day out. For a change of pace try baking an apple. Add cinnamon, a little brown sugar and a dab of butter and you got yourself a sweet treat that’s good to eat. Don’t bake the core though; you’re going to need to remove that. Also, you’re going to need something to cook it in… something like this Mastrad Fruit Cooker Set. Featuring a combination scoop and corer to complement the fun apple shape, the silicone cooker has the added benefit of reminding you of what’s in the oven.

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Half an apple a day keeps the mutants away (or not)

genetic mutant apple

Finally Mother Nature is catching up with mankind. We have given the world peanut butter and jelly in a single jar, Neapolitan ice cream and the magic of Nerds. It’s about time the natural world followed suit with a little flavor mixing.

Apparently the Golden Delicious was picked from the tree by one Ken Morrish of England. The red side is supposedly sweeter, having spent more time in the sun, which is perfect for those of us who appreciate a little sweetness with a tangy apple. Even though the experts say it was a genetic freak with odds of a million to one, I say Mother Nature is finally getting around to the good stuff.

Via Al Dente and Mail Online

October 2, 2009   1 Comment