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Ugly Pancake Contest

One ugly pancake from N. Shields at Saipancakes.

Now here’s a contest you can sink your teeth into. You have until Saturday, May 19th to enter the Ugly Pancake Contest from N. Shields at Saipancakes. The result must be edible and made of “mostly” pancake batter. The results will be judged by his 4-year-old son, so it’s probably safe to say the uglier the better. (Plus it is called an ugly pancake contest, after all.) Check out some of his decidedly non-ugly pancake variations like the ones below. Pancake art is alive and well.

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Mustache Ice Cube Tray

Mustache Ice Cube Tray - 8 Slots by Accoutrements

To some, the mustache fad will never grow old. Cold, however, is another story. The Mustache Ice Cube Tray by Accoutrements is a handy-dandy handlebar-maker that chills down drinks with style. Get it before the trend gets put on ice.

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Goldfish Bread

New Goldfish Sandwich Bread from Pepperidge Farm Makes a Splash with Kids

Bread made out of Goldfish crackers might be interesting, but the new Goldfish Sandwich Bread from Pepperidge Farm is just regular ol’ white bread. Oh well. One can always pour a bag of those little smiling crackers between a couple of slices. Or better yet, wait for Pepperidge Farm to turn their Goldfish Bread into Goldfish Pretzel Bread just like they did with the crackers. Now that might be something…

…in any event, for those looking for kid-friendly solutions for food, the press release follows.

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Red Striped Paper Straws Offer Too Much Fun

Kikkerland Biodegradable Paper Straws, Red and White Striped, Box of 144

There is something festive about a colorful paper straw. Just like a special party, the magic can never be repeated. As the good times fade, the paper straw deteriorates and then its back to the daily grind. And boring old everyday plastic straws. Unless of course you have a box on hand. Say of 144 count.

These Kikkerland Red And White Striped Biodegradable Paper Straws happen to come in a box of 144 and guarantee weeks of good times. (Well, as far as a straw can guarantee good times.) And not to worry about everyday straw use for those less-than-festive occasions: these paper straws also come in drab, boring old gray.

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Tea Rex Tea Infuser Keeps Fun From Going Extinct

Tea Rex Tea Infuser by DCI

It wasn’t too long ago that dinosaurs were all the rage with the kids. Well, those kids grew up and moved on from mac and cheese to more grown-up tastes. That includes ditching the juice-filled sippy-cups for more sophisticated beverages. Like tea. But that doesn’t mean the fun has to be left behind.

The Tea Rex Tea Infuser gives those who don’t want to grow up just yet something to hang on to. The little dinosaur is made to hold loose-leaf tea and includes a chain for easy tea steeping. Fill with your favorite tea leaves, hang it off the side of your teacup and transport yourself to the past.

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The Chicken Cookie Comes First

Chicken Cookie Cutter by Ann Clark

Cookies come in all shapes, sizes and flavors, but a little known fact is the best cookies are chicken cookies. You see, it is scientifically-proven (*) that the chicken shape is essential for even browning and actually makes the cookie taste more delicious (**). To achieve this wondrous end result, one must start with what comes first: the chicken (***). In this case, the Chicken Cookie Cutter by Ann Clark. Complete with a recipe for “chicken cookies”, the cookie cutter offers a fun way to add a new twist to your cookie coop jar.

*not scientifically-proven
**more testing is necessary
***the egg disagrees

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