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Ice Cube Tray With Storage Container Bin

Ice Cube Tray With Storage Container Bin by MTR INC

Storage fanatics rejoice!

The space underneath the ice cube tray can finally be put to some good use. It may not amount to much (or really anything), but those that appreciate nice clean lines outside their freezer as well as on the inside can finally relax.

The Ice Cube Tray With Storage Container Bin by MTR INC takes a no-nonsense approach to maximum space utilization by incorporating a storage container directly underneath the ice tray.

Of course, using this freezer contraption might lead one to think about how to maximize storage space inside the container. Good thing then, that there is nothing that says one cannot fill up the bin to make one giant ice cube with funny dimples on top. But then what to put in all of those dimples?

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Star Wars Millennium Falcon Silicone Ice Tray

Kotobukiya Star Wars Millennium Falcon Silicone Ice Tray

Until that time when Han In Carbonite Popsicle Mold becomes a reality in our freezers, his ship will have to do. You don’t have to travel to a galaxy far, far away to get your hands your very own Kotobukiya Star Wars Millennium Falcon Silicone Ice Tray. And if you really have your heart set on a frozen Han popsicle treat, the company does offer the Kotobukiya Star Wars: Han Solo in Carbonite Silicon Tray, as well as general-use molds for R2-D2, Darth Vader, Storm Troopers and X-wing fighters. Yikes! That’s a lot of cold Star Wars!

Product Description:
From a galaxy far, far away this Kotobukiya silicon Millennium Falcon ice tray comes blasting in from Hyperspace. Create Ice, Jello, Chocolate, cookies, etc in the shape of the Millennium Falcon. The Millenium Falcon silicone ice tray is heat (230 celcius or 446F) and cold resistant, as well as oven and microwave safe! Great for baking or freezing. Add some fun to your parties with Star Wars ice cubes and treats!

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Mustache Ice Cube Tray

Mustache Ice Cube Tray - 8 Slots by Accoutrements

To some, the mustache fad will never grow old. Cold, however, is another story. The Mustache Ice Cube Tray by Accoutrements is a handy-dandy handlebar-maker that chills down drinks with style. Get it before the trend gets put on ice.

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Prepara Ice Balls–Because Cubes Are So Square

Prepara Ice Balls

Ice cubes are so square. The new way to drink is in the round. Spherical, that is. These Prepara Ice Balls come as a set (for you and three friends) and brighten up the freezer as well as your drink. Get creative and add mint leaves, juice or fruit segments for a drinking experience that is sure to leave the guests asking for another round.

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Skybar Chill Cubes

Skybar Chill Cubes

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and when it comes to drinking, apparently many will toast to that. Just look at all these whiskey stones. Upping the ante (and the price) are the Skybar Chill Cubes. Not only do the reusable ice cubes come with a new and shiny stainless steel exterior, but the set also includes handy cube holders to keep by the side of your booze-filled glass. Better than chipping your teeth out when sipping.

(Via Oh Gizmo!)

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Lemon Lime Ice Turns Every Drink Into Lemonade

Lemon/Lime Ice Cube Trays - Set of 2

Ice is nice and all, but if you really want to make a splash add some flavor to that frozen water. The Lemon/Lime Ice Cube Trays come in a set of two and are specifically-designed to turn regular lemon and lime slices into flavor-bursting ice cubes. Just place the citrus slices into the trays and fill with water. The ice freezes around the lemon and lime wedges, creating a fun and easy way to add flavor to cool summer beverages–even lemonade. Or perhaps, especially lemonade, considering every drink will pack that refreshing pucker-punch.

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