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Stand Up Sandwiches With Cute Animal Bread Cutter

Cute Animal Sandwich Cutter Bread Cutter ♪ Food Deco & Cookie Stamp Kit ♪ Sandwich Maker Kit Bread Toast Mold Mould - Surprise you Kids with these lovely animal friends! Exclusively from JLC Brands.

Do your sandwich making skills stand up to your child’s scrutiny? Well, if not, make them stand up. No, not the kids; the sandwich!

These Cute Animal Sandwich Cutter Bread And Toast Stamps create an animal impression on sliced bread. The set includes three stamps (Panda, Frog and Bear) and include a special cut so that the crust forms a little stand. Press, fold and impress with this clever little sandwich and toast contraption.

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Date Pizza Specially Designed for Two People

Date, Pancetta and Camembert Flat Bread Pizza

Marketing is a strange beast. Fleischmann’s, the yeast people, are trying to get you to buy their product by turning a simple recipe into a complicated one. In all fairness, the Date, Pancetta and Camembert Flat Bread Pizza recipe that is in the press release below sounds pretty good–if you and your other care to figure out who would be “Baker A” and who would be “Baker B.”

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Retrosink: Vintage Bread Labels

Militzer's Bread Label

Considering that Monday is a good day to look to the past (as in too bad the weekend is over), a little Retrosink action is in order. How To Be A Retronaut has a neat gallery up of of old bread labels. They date from the 40s and 50s and with over a dozen images, they make for some good perusing to start the week.

(Via Boing Boing)

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Goldfish Bread

New Goldfish Sandwich Bread from Pepperidge Farm Makes a Splash with Kids

Bread made out of Goldfish crackers might be interesting, but the new Goldfish Sandwich Bread from Pepperidge Farm is just regular ol’ white bread. Oh well. One can always pour a bag of those little smiling crackers between a couple of slices. Or better yet, wait for Pepperidge Farm to turn their Goldfish Bread into Goldfish Pretzel Bread just like they did with the crackers. Now that might be something…

…in any event, for those looking for kid-friendly solutions for food, the press release follows.

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King’s Hawaiian Carne Asada Torta Sandwich

King's Hawaiian Carne Asada Sweet and Spicy Sandwiches

As far as I’m concerned every press release should contain a recipe. That probably isn’t going to happen any time soon (and actually might not be too appetizing for Dow, Exxon, or say, Applebee’s releases). But at least if you are going to put out a press release with a recipe, do it right. Kings Hawaiian takes the easy way out for their sandwich pictured above and calls for “carne asada spice blend” as one of the ingredients. (By the way a telera or bollilo would be the proper bread to get, but in King’s defense they at least don’t call their creation a torta.) Sigh. Luckily BTKS knows what to do about that.

Read on for the press release, as well as a link for a “carne asada spice blend” that’s worth a try.

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King’s Hawaiian Bread Recipes

King's Hawaiian Original Recipe French Toast

King's Hawaiian Ham and Swiss Florentine Bake

Companies will take any opportunity to issue a press release. In the case of King’s Hawaiian Bread, the occasion is the turning of the seasons. Sounds like a good excuse as any. Especially because they included a couple of recipes in their press release. Ham, cheese, spinach, eggs, syrup, vanilla, cinnamon, and of course, bread. Yum.

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