Ice Cube Tray With Storage Container Bin

Storage fanatics rejoice! The space underneath the ice cube tray can finally be put to some good use. It may not amount to much (or really anything), but those that appreciate nice clean lines outside their freezer as well as on the inside can finally relax. The Ice Cube Tray With Storage Container Bin by… Continue reading Ice Cube Tray With Storage Container Bin

Mustache Ice Cube Tray

To some, the mustache fad will never grow old. Cold, however, is another story. The Mustache Ice Cube Tray by Accoutrements is a handy-dandy handlebar-maker that chills down drinks with style. Get it before the trend gets put on ice.

Dimpled Deviled Egg Trays

Some foods practically require being served in specialty serving devices: little indented snail plates for escargot (preferably in a spiral snail design), jars for pizza in a jar (eww?) and of course, funny-looking dimpled plates for deviled eggs. Not only do the Chef Buddy Deviled Egg Trays with Snap On Lids satisfy the requirement for… Continue reading Dimpled Deviled Egg Trays

Serving On A Cool Tray

Serving chilled food on a hot tray isn’t the best way to keep the party going. Unless of course, it’s an eat-as-fast-as-you-can party. But for the rest of us, when it’s time to slow down and chill with some chilled food the Cool Tray can come in handy. The serving platter comes with an inner… Continue reading Serving On A Cool Tray