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You Pop It Popcorn Popper By Just Pop It!

You Pop It Popcorn Popper by Just Pop It! LLC

There is just something inherently honest about popcorn. An unpopped kernel sits, singular and waiting, naked in its simplicity. And when the time comes and heat is applied, everything on the inside turns out and it finds itself exposed to the word, ready for whatever comes next. Which of course, would be the butter and the salt!

Embracing this ideal is the You Pop It Popcorn Popper By Just Pop It! The simple stovetop contrivance is a popcorn popper that sticks to the basics. Just add kernels and oil and turn on the stove.

Stovetop popcorn is the best. By far. Except usually, one has to shake and stir to keep kernels from sticking. The You Pop It stovetop popper promises no shaking or stirring thanks to its unique design.

Instead of microwave bags full of hidden ingredients, instead of hot air poppers that result in flavorless popcorn, instead of relentless shaking and stirring, there is the You Pop It Popcorn Popper. And that’s not just a bunch of hot air.

For further proof of stark, honest reality and popcorn, watch the video below posted by Just Pop It, showing the whole process from start to finish.

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Probably Pretend Popinator Project Pitches Popcorn

A company called Popcorn, Indiana has produced the above video highlighting something called the Popinator Project. The company may be real as evidenced by bags of the stuff the can be found in actual stores. But with viral marketing videos being so, well, viral (as well as being fun to blog about), it’s hard to take this at face value.

The Popinator is a:

Fully automated, voice-activated popcorn launching machine, that is triggered by the word pop.

It uses a “binaural microphone system” to figure out how to locate where the voice came from. Then it launches a single kernel into your waiting mouth. Is it real? You be the judge. (And buy some popcorn while at it.)

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Pop Goes The Retro Style Popcorn Popper

Popcorn is fun. It always has been and it always will be. As a snack food that can also be healthy, the nutritious little morsels that explode forth from the kernels are about as exciting as health food gets. (Just kidding.) Unsurprisingly, popcorn makers come in all shapes and sizes, and tend to slant towards serious fun. The Little Bambino 2-1/2-Ounce Table Top Retro Style Popcorn Popper by Great Northern Popcorn mixes classic styling and important features into one fun unit.

Featuring a “revolutionary” (seriously—that’s how it is described) serving tray that settles in the base of the unit, the popcorn maker pops up to one gallon of popcorn per batch. A built in stirring system keep the kernels moving, while a handle mounted on the outside lets users pour the finished product out.

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Pop Goes The Campfire

Campfire Popcorn Popper Extension Handle

A stick goes a long way at a campfire. You can use it to roast a marshmallow or even cook a hot dog. As delicious as these campfire classics may be, their everlasting popularity has got to be due in part to the lowly stick. (After all, every campfire has one.)
However, while great for hot dogs and s’mores, the stick isn’t very useful for many other cooking tasks—unless of course, it has a wire holder on the end of it.

Perfectly designed for Jiffy Pop, the Campfire Popcorn Popper Extension Handle offers an easy way to introduce a new campfire classic. Long enough to be safely held over the fire, the business end of the ‘stick’ is fashioned into a loop, providing a clever way to bring the movie-night treat into the great outdoors—with no need to root around the surrounding area for the perfect stick.

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Popcorn On The Stovetop—And Not That Puffy Foil Bag You May Be Thinking Of

Nordic Ware Grill Popcorn Popper, Model 06100

Tired of microwave popcorn? Air-popped got you down? Store-bought pre-popped not an option? Don’t worry, there is another way. Step back in time, and do it the old-fashioned way: on the stovetop.

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How to jazz up a popcorn maker

blinQ Popcorn Factory

I can just see the conversation now:

“Hey Hal, we got a warehouse full of these crappy air poppers that didn’t sell.”
“Well, Tommy, you know cooking with kids is big…”
“Yeah, but these ain’t made for kids.”
“Tell you what, slap a big ol’ “FUN!” sticker on it and they will be. But not too big, stickers are expensive.”
“I dunno… it’s still kind of… ugly. Maybe the boys will like it.”
“No problem, but a pink hat on it for melting butter and problem solved.”
“Hey, you just doubled our target market!”
“That’s why I make the big bucks. Call it the blinQ Popcorn Factory and we’re done.”
“You’re a genius!”
“You’d be surprised, Tommy. We haven’t got anything new in since 1993.”

For $29.95 you too can feel a part of the conversation.

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