Ugly Pancake Contest

Now here’s a contest you can sink your teeth into. You have until Saturday, May 19th to enter the Ugly Pancake Contest from N. Shields at Saipancakes. The result must be edible and made of “mostly” pancake batter. The results will be judged by his 4-year-old son, so it’s probably safe to say the uglier… Continue reading Ugly Pancake Contest

See’s Says Lollypops On July 20

Today is apparently National Lollypop Day–not too bad of a choice of a thing to give its own day. However, just like “every day is Kid’s Day” some things don’t really need any special attention. So, this particular ‘Day’ goes one step further. See’s Candies, the makers of those wonderfully delicious little chocolates, is celebrating… Continue reading See’s Says Lollypops On July 20

Your $25,000 Sandwich

Got a sandwich that doesn’t mess around? (Actually being messy is probably okay, though.) Mezzetta, the pepper and olive people are sponsoring a recipe contest calling for killer sandwiches. Considering that peppers are most likely to be involved, these look to be some flavorful entries for sure. Click through to read the whole press release,… Continue reading Your $25,000 Sandwich

Wanna Go To Albuquerque?

A lot of people go on vacation to a specific area in order to experience the cuisine of that region. If Albuquerque is on your list, here’s a chance to go for free! Doesn’t that bowl above look tasty? Yum.

George Foreman Burger Recipe Contest

Think you can make a better burger that the one pictured above? Well, you probably can. Honestly that one doesn’t look too appetizing. Luckily, there’s a recipe contest that will let you put your money where your mouth is. Or rather, make that George’s money. Read on for the whole press release.