Ugly Pancake Contest

Now here’s a contest you can sink your teeth into. You have until Saturday, May 19th to enter the Ugly Pancake Contest from N. Shields at Saipancakes. The result must be edible and made of “mostly” pancake batter. The results will be judged by his 4-year-old son, so it’s probably safe to say the uglier… Continue reading Ugly Pancake Contest

A Plate Made Just For Pancakes

Pancakes, being the delicious pillows of deliciousness that they are, demand a little respect. Or at least thoughtfulness. Which is why these Pancake Plates Designed By Jon Wye deserve attention. As one can see from the product photo, the syrup pools into a waiting reservoir allowing one to perfectly control the pancake-to-syrup ratio. After the… Continue reading A Plate Made Just For Pancakes

Home Of Pancakes: Pancake Floor Pillows

Who wouldn’t want to flop right down with some flapjacks? Well, now you can, without even getting sticky from all that maple syrup. Just order up a batch of these Pancake Floor Pillows and you are on your way to making your house a true house of pancakes. Product Description: a collaboration with bryan mccarthy,… Continue reading Home Of Pancakes: Pancake Floor Pillows