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Cuisipro Stainless Steel Dual Roasting Rack

Cuisipro Stainless Steel Dual Roasting Rack

Bring the beer can chicken inside. Except forget the beer can. Well, forget to put the beer can inside the chicken that is, because this roasting rack is ready to stand up to the task without any help.

Suitable for indoor use or out on the grill, the Cuisipro Stainless Steel Dual Roasting Rack is a versatile little kitchen accessory that doesn’t lie down on the job. Unless you want it to; then you use it in the horizontal position just like a traditional roasting rack. But when it’s time to turn things on end, the gadget transforms to a vertical roaster ready for all your indoor beer can chicken sans beer can needs. Considering that the better beers come in glass bottles, this is probably a good thing. (Basting with beer is still okay.)

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Cuisipro Paper Towel Holder With Wheels

Cuisipro Paper Towel Holder With Wheels

One is never too old to play with toys, right?

Well, it may not be the most fun gadget on the countertop, but this little guy will zoom about (with a little help from you).

The Cuisipro Paper Towel Holder With Wheels is a handy everyday gadget designed for the cook on the go (while in the kitchen).

It may not be the fanciest toy in the kitchen, but it is sure to be the one put to the most use. Just think about how many kitchen tasks require a paper towel.

It may look like it is ready to topple over as soon as a sheet is grabbed, but reviewers seem to like it. As of today, it has three 5-star reviews on Amazon. Certainly, Amazon reviews are always suspect, but these seem genuine. And hey, if it fails as a kitchen product, it can always be used as a funny-looking toy car.

If only it were remote controlled…

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A Roundup Of Herb Savers — With A New Player

Trudeau Fresh Herb Saver

Fresh herbs go a long way in brightening up a meal. Unfortunately, they do not go a long way sitting around waiting to be used. That is, until herb keepers came along. Some people wrap their herbs in wet paper towels, some keep them out on the counter, and then others look to the refrigerator door for inspiration (or at least storage).

The latest to come along is the Trudeau Fresh Herb Saver. Storing fresh herbs and/or asparagus upright, the storage solution calls for a little bit of water to be stored in its base. This model features a small window that makes it easy to see the water level. Opting for affordability and simplicity this herb saver (like its competition) keeps things basic and easy to use. Which is exactly what you want to find when looking for some herbs.

The other players that are fighting for space in your refrigerator door include:

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Dial Up Thick Or Thin Sliced Cheese

Cuisipro Adjustable Cheese Slicer

Pre-sliced cheese just doesn’t cut it; not when it’s this easy to cut your own. Featuring the ability to cut slices in four different thicknesses (up to a quarter-inch), the Cuisipro Adjustable Cheese Slicer makes quick work of block cheese. The simple 9-inch by 3-inch kitchen gadget adjusts with a turn of the knob, while the roller acts as a guide. With an ergonomic handle, the prep tool glides over cheese, providing ready-to-eat slices without the need to sacrifice quality.

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Odd Size Measuring Spoons For More Than Just Odd Size Baking

Cuisipro Odd Size Measuring Spoons

The eyeball test when measuring ingredients works well for some people, but others find comfort in facts. A recipe that calls for a dash, a smidgen or a pinch can send shivers down the spine of those who prefer to know what they’re getting into when heading into the kitchen. Perfectly understandable; sometimes edible results are more desirable than culinary experiments.

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Herbs stand up to be counted

Cuisipro Herb Keeper

Buying fresh herbs can get expensive rather quickly, but when it comes to freshness of flavor, there really is no compromise. Growing your own herbs is a great way to maximize savings, but if you lack a green thumb (or don’t lack overzealous cats), getting the little sproutlings to grow up nice and tasty can be a difficulty. Any way you harvest your herbs (at the store or in the garden), you are going to need a way to store them.

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