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Black Paper Towels Exist

Renova Paper Towel -- Renova Kitchen Roll -- Black Paper Towels

And guess what? They aren’t cheap. I guess they’re a good way to clean up (for those that make paper towels that are black) after all that Black Friday madness!

Renova Paper Towel — Renova Kitchen Roll — Black Paper Towels

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Cuisipro Paper Towel Holder With Wheels

Cuisipro Paper Towel Holder With Wheels

One is never too old to play with toys, right?

Well, it may not be the most fun gadget on the countertop, but this little guy will zoom about (with a little help from you).

The Cuisipro Paper Towel Holder With Wheels is a handy everyday gadget designed for the cook on the go (while in the kitchen).

It may not be the fanciest toy in the kitchen, but it is sure to be the one put to the most use. Just think about how many kitchen tasks require a paper towel.

It may look like it is ready to topple over as soon as a sheet is grabbed, but reviewers seem to like it. As of today, it has three 5-star reviews on Amazon. Certainly, Amazon reviews are always suspect, but these seem genuine. And hey, if it fails as a kitchen product, it can always be used as a funny-looking toy car.

If only it were remote controlled…

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Stick With The Magnetic Paper Towel Holder

Magnetic Paper Towel Holder

Oh, decisions, decisions. How to remodel the kitchen? Where to put the microwave? What color should the walls be? Where to install the paper towel holder?

Sometimes it’s best to start small. In the case of the Magnetic Paper Towel Holder, really small. Hey it’s a start. And after that big kitchen remodel and everything looks out of place, at least you can move the paper towel dispenser someplace new in the kitchen—as long as it’s on the fridge.

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Never be without a burger–Patty Paper for a penny


Buying ground beef in bulk is a sure-fire way to stretch your burger dollars. Best of all, when you make burgers at home, you get them exactly the way you like them. Just try getting finely chopped onions mixed into any fast-food burger. Like a splash of Worcestershire sauce to round out the flavor? Forget it if you ain’t making it at home. No matter what your favorite burger recipe may be, there’s a good chance you are going to need a storage solution.

Since ground beef doesn’t come in packages rounded to an exact appetite, it’s usually appropriate to buy more than you need. Having frozen burgers patiently waiting in the freezer is a comforting thought to burger lovers. You are going to need something to keep all those emergency burgers from sticking to each other. Johnson-Rose Hamburger Patty Paper is designed to do the trick. At a cost of $15.00 for a pack of 1500, no matter how much you love burgers you should be covered for the foreseeable future. For an add-on cost of a penny a burger, I think it’s a well-spent investment.

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