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Chemistry 101 Flask Book

Chemistry 101 Flask Book by Kikkerland

Time to hit the books! For those that hid comic books inside their schoolbooks in elementary school, there is now a grown-up version. The Chemistry 101 Flask Book is the college student’s answer to getting through long study sessions (by passing out). Who ever said studying can’t be fun? Cheers!

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Kikkerland Rocket Tea Infuser

Kikkerland Rocket Tea Infuser and Drip Tray

Tea for two… to the moon! The Kikkerland Rocket Tea Infuser and Drip Tray will take you places. Or at least it will take you straight up as you wake up. The stainless steel tea gadget features an awesome rocket design and clips on to the side of a tea cup or mug. When the nitro brew is fully steeped, just pluck out the spaceship and set it down on the included drip tray.

Sorry, galaxy shown not included.

Kikkerland Rocket Tea Infuser

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Kikkerland Il Motorino Pizza Cutter

Kikkerland Il Motorino Pizza Cutter

First it was Mods vs. Rockers and now this. Mods vs. pizza! The Kikkerland II Motorino Pizza Cutter is a scooter-shaped pizza cutter inspired by an iconic Vespa or Lambretta scooter. Whatever side you happen to be on, for at least one issue there can be no debate: yes, another slice please!

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Ceramic Egg Rack

Kikkerland Ceramic Egg Rack

How do you tell the difference between a hard-boiled egg and one that is raw? By what they are served in, of course!*

Some may want to live on the edge and crack a dozen open to find out if they are cooked or not, but others may wish to consider the Kikkerland Ceramic Egg Rack. It holds a dozen eggs, looks good on the table and won’t turn into a runny mess when it comes in contact with a hard-boiled egg.

* Okay, okay. The secret is to give them a spin. The cooked egg will stop spinning while the raw one will start again when released–without being egged on to.

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Unlock This Safe Kitchen Timer

Kikkerland Safe Kitchen Timer

Unlocking the secrets of the kitchen is only a matter of time. Sometimes that time can be measured in minutes. At least if the Kikkerland Safe Kitchen Timer is involved. Featuring a 60-minute countdown timer and a fancy design that resembles a safe lock, the kitchen gadget is magnetic and sticks to the fridge until it is time to crack open a safe or some eggs–whichever the case may be. And best of all, at less than 20 bucks it won’t break the bank.

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Who Wants Some (More) Wine?

Kikkerland Owl Corkscrew

It’s the weekend–who wants another glass of wine?

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