Herbs stand up to be counted

Buying fresh herbs can get expensive rather quickly, but when it comes to freshness of flavor, there really is no compromise. Growing your own herbs is a great way to maximize savings, but if you lack a green thumb (or don’t lack overzealous cats), getting the little sproutlings to grow up nice and tasty can… Continue reading Herbs stand up to be counted

Play with your food (tray)

Feeding your child with the tried and true ‘airplane’ method is all fine and good (it is tried and true for a reason), but for serious food fun it may be time to think of a more grounded approach. The Child Puzzle Tray by Wendy Boudewijns for Royalvkb practically guarantees your kid will be distracted… Continue reading Play with your food (tray)

Painting with wine

It’s not an artist’s palette, but after using this you can pretend you are one. Developed by a restaurant in Japan, the Stemglass Tray allows for easy carrying of up to seven wine glasses at a time. Complete with thumbhole for easy steadying, the wine tray encourages responsible drinking; it looks as if one gets… Continue reading Painting with wine

Before The Kitchen Sink

Most likely your kitchen sink top has various soaps, scrubbers and sponges standing by ready to do their duty. There’s no escaping it; you need these items to maintain a kitchen. However, there is no reason why these little pieces of choredom have to constantly stand guard, openly mocking you and your sink full of… Continue reading Before The Kitchen Sink