Before The Kitchen Sink

Sink Front Tip-Out Trays

Most likely your kitchen sink top has various soaps, scrubbers and sponges standing by ready to do their duty. There’s no escaping it; you need these items to maintain a kitchen. However, there is no reason why these little pieces of choredom have to constantly stand guard, openly mocking you and your sink full of dirty dishes. If you’re not going to get to those dishes until “later”, then you might as well hide away the cleaning implements too.

The Sink Front Tip-Out Trays conveniently transform those false drawers under your sink into handy storage space. Available in either 11-inch or 14-inch sizes, each set includes a tray and mounting hardware. Simply remove the false front and install with the included hinges. With the cleaning supplies now safely out of sight, it will be that much easier to procrastinate about last night’s pile of dirty dishes.

(Via Book of Joe)

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