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Joseph Joseph Elevate Carousel Set

Joseph Joseph Elevate Carousel Set

The Joseph Joseph Elevate Carousel Set solves two problems for the price of one. And that’s not even considering the amount of kitchen tools this one set contains. Called ‘Elevate’ for a reason, the utensils feature weighted handles, allowing for tools to be rested on the counter without the business end coming into contact with the surface.

Then after all the cooking is done and the utensils are cleaned, the set gives a place to store its components. Included along with the spaghetti server, slotted spoon, ladle, slotted turner, solid spoon and flexible turner is a rotating base allowing for the tools to always be within reach. Of course, by solving two questions another one arises, and that one would be: ‘Where did all the counter space go?’

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Banana Split brings bunches of bananas to the countertop

Umbra Banana Split by Jason Nip

Not only do bananas belong in bunches, but they also belong hanging from a tree. Since most of us can’t find the time to tend the banana groves in our backyard, we need to find alternate options for banana bunch hanging. Enter the Umbra Banana Split. A nifty little banana hanger, the design by Jason Nip features styling in white and “mellow yellow” for that all important banana appeal (ahem).

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Simple solution for storing nonstick pots and pans

Pan Protectors

Nonstick cookware goes bad. Not in the sense of that rotten tomato lurking in the back of your fridge, more like the coating just wears off after so many uses. Other than scraping the surface with metallic utensils, there is another common way to hurry your cookware into the pan graveyard: by storing it.

All nonstick pan owners are faced with a dilemma: Just where am I supposed to store this thing? You could put one on top of the other with the nonstick surfaces facing each other, thereby protecting the coating. Or, another popular option is to just keep the nonstick pans on top of all the other cookware. However, at some point it’s time to get real. Other than a wall rack or hanging ceiling mount the best place for pots and pans is stacked right on top of each other. Right on top of each other, that is, with these Pan Protectors sandwiched in between.

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Rack ‘em up

Kitchen Grid Storage System

Kitchen walls tend to get overlooked as a means of storage. Even the ceiling gets more attention for those hanging pot and pan racks. However, it may be time to replace your kitchen décor with storage. (Or better yet, maybe just move your food art to another wall.)

The Kitchen Grid Storage System combines baskets, racks and containers, creating a system that is completely customizable. The large wall grid is the only piece that mounts to the wall. A utensil holder, a magazine rack, a basket and a spice rack are included, while more accessories are available. At almost three feet wide and just over two feet tall, this rack system offers plenty of space for all of your kitchen gadgets.

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Swissarmius brings the utensil drawer into the open


Has your utensil drawer decayed into a mish-mash of semi-pointed objects in which the needed tool is always just out of reach? Admit it, it’s easy to stay unorganized when it comes to cooking tools that we can store out of sight. Perhaps the best thing might be to bring the dark corners of your utensil collection out into the light. With the Swissarmius you can store all of your kitchen essentials right out in the open, organized and with style. Plus, it gives you a chance to really examine your need for owning three melon ballers. Trust me, you can let one of ‘em go.

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Before The Kitchen Sink

Sink Front Tip-Out Trays

Most likely your kitchen sink top has various soaps, scrubbers and sponges standing by ready to do their duty. There’s no escaping it; you need these items to maintain a kitchen. However, there is no reason why these little pieces of choredom have to constantly stand guard, openly mocking you and your sink full of dirty dishes. If you’re not going to get to those dishes until “later”, then you might as well hide away the cleaning implements too.

The Sink Front Tip-Out Trays conveniently transform those false drawers under your sink into handy storage space. Available in either 11-inch or 14-inch sizes, each set includes a tray and mounting hardware. Simply remove the false front and install with the included hinges. With the cleaning supplies now safely out of sight, it will be that much easier to procrastinate about last night’s pile of dirty dishes.

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