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Cutting Board On Top Of The Kitchen Sink

Wooden Cutting Board for Ticor S205 Undermount Kitchen Sink

Above is seen a Wooden Cutting Board for Ticor S205 Undermount Kitchen Sink . It is available in walnut, cherry and maple, with variations within.

Be careful when ordering as the product description differs from the title and the photo. Same thing goes for the Wooden Cutting Board for the Undermount Single Bowl Ticor S315 (maple with 3 Walnut strips). Although it looks like the same seller has it consistently described for the Wooden Cutting Board for the Undermount Single Bowl Ticor S505 (maple and walnut Split).

Just a friendly PSA about the top of the kitchen sink from Beyond The Kitchen Sink!

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Color Changing LED Faucet

3 Colors Discoloration LED Light Temperature Control Sensor, Temperature Sensitive LED Light Water Faucet

No kitchen is complete without the ability to wash the dishes in color-appropriate light, right? Red for hot, green for room temperature and blue for cold. The LED Light Copper Temperature Control Water Faucet even flashes red when the water is too hot. Powered completely by water pressure, the device doesn’t require any batteries. How well does it work? Well, no reviews are up yet, but it is less than 10 bucks…

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Off to the Side of the Kitchen Sink

Simplehuman Sink Caddy, KT1116

Sponges are notoriously slippery. No matter where I set them down, they never seem to stay put. I set ’em on the side of the kitchen sink, and they end up in the basin. I set ’em on the edge, and they end up on the floor. I set ’em up by the faucet, and they end up… well, I don’t know where they go; sponges also have a propensity to simply disappear.

When trying to rein in wayward cleaning accessories, it’s probably best to actually rein them in; put them in a kitchen sink jail, as it were. This Simplehuman Sink Caddy would do nicely. Featuring four suction cups and a wire ledge hanger to keep it secure, the kitchen sink caddy stores a couple of sponges (separated by a divider) and a scrubber brush, all safely tucked away off to the side of the kitchen sink.

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Results are in: Cadillac takes the Kitchen Sink beyond


In 1956 General Motors for some reason put a sink in a Caddy. It’s called the Maharani Special and was built for the traveling (of course) Motorama exhibition. Apparently at the time, people didn’t see the need for a full-service kitchen installed in the passenger seat of their cars, but times have changed, and the Kitchen Sink Cadillac is changing hands.

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Cutting board takes over the kitchen sink

Oxo Good Grips Over-The-Sink Cutting Board

Small kitchens can be difficult to work in, but that doesn’t have to hold you back. Even if you have absolutely no counter space, solutions exist to get you through the prep work. Kitchen islands and workstations come in many shapes and sizes, practically guaranteeing that you will find something to expand your space. However, even if every available square inch is occupied, there is still room over the kitchen sink.

The Oxo Good Grips Over-The-Sink Cutting Board creates a workspace where before there was none. The cutting board slides over the sink with expanding rails that stretch out up to 9-inches. A stainless steel basket attaches to the arms, and serves as an easy transportation device to the cooking pot. Complete with non-slip edges, the cutting board holds firm as you chop, slice and dice, making certain the cooks everywhere get the most out of their kitchens.

***UPDATE 9/9/2013***

The link above no longer works, but here is a similar model that one-ups the Oxo by including a strainer. Maybe a bit smaller, but reviewers seem to like it.
ExcelSteel 201 Expandable Stainless Over The Sink Strainer With Cutting Board

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Kohler goes over the kitchen sink in Stages

Kohler Stages 45-inch Kitchen Sink

You don’t often come across a kitchen sink that comes packed with accessories, but that is exactly what you get with the new Kohler Stages sink designs. Available in either a 45-inch (K-3761, pictured above) or a 33-inch (K-3760, pictured below) configuration, the Kohler Stages Sinks integrate the cooking process into the product line by including accessories all designed to facilitate in the creation of the meal.

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