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Turkey And Gravy Leftovers Are Still Good, Right?

Turkey and Gravy Potato Chips packaging art by Boulder Authentic Foods

It is January, 2018. Happy New Year! And if you still have leftovers in the fridge maybe it’s time to move on. There are always other options to keep the holiday food season alive. Mmm, turkey and gravy potato chips!

January 4, 2018   No Comments

Lurking leftovers lurk no more

Swing Out Fridge Tray

We are in the eye of the leftover hurricane right now. With the turkey and cranberries finally absent from the dark recesses of the fridge, suspect foods in various states of freshness have finally become a thing of the past. But then, just when you thought it was safe to go back into the fridge, along comes more feasting.

The Swing Out Fridge Tray exposes those dark corners and does indeed make it safe again for the midnight munchies. With a revolving disc that slides out away from the base, the fridge tray gives easy access to whatever may be lurking in the back of the fridge. Employ this handy kitchen gadget and you’ll save yourself from any plastic-wrap or tinfoil surprises that may be uncovered some time in late January.

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Be nice: slice precise

Victorinox Precise Slice Knife

In the very near future, hams, turkeys and roasts across the land will be broiled, braised and baked to perfection. From oven to table, the wafting scent of dinner will cause family and friends to gather ‘round in eager excitement. And then you cut into it, ravaging the poor beast into disrespectful clumps. Enthusiastic smiles become replaced by disappointed grimaces. Don’t let your stunning table presentation fall into a meaty pile of disarray: the Victorinox Precise Slice Knife will help you clean up your slicing act.

The serrated knife features an adjustable guide to help you create perfect slices from 1-mm to 15-mm thick. Operating similar to a mechanical slicer, the offset guide directs the cutting edge all the way through the meat during the slicing action. Serve thick slices for the entrée and then just as easily cut some thinly sliced for sandwiches the next day. With neat and clean dinner presentation along with perfect leftovers, your guests may just never leave.

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