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In The Future, All Apparel Is Taco Bell

Taco Bell Live Más Rings

Not only will Taco Bell rule the future landscape as predicted in Sylvester Stallone’s “Demolition Man,” but the restaurant chain will also reign over our fashion choices. And the future is now.

Above, we see the ever-so-elegant Taco Bell Rings, while below, no self-respecting individual would be caught outdoors without a proper Taco Bell Foam Hat. Luckily, both fashion must-haves are available today. And even better news, the Taco Bell merchandise has free shipping on orders of $100 or more. That way, you can stock up and make sure your crew looks as good as you do.

Taco Bell Live Más Foam Taco Hat

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Finally A French Fry Vending Machine (In Belgium)

French Fry Vending Machine

Good french fries are hard to find. And if you’re an American, they can be far away too. Like Western Europe far away. Now that’s not to say that awesome pommes frites, fritten or friet cannot be found here in the States, and we do have our share of duck fat-fried potatoes populating our landscape, but when it comes it fast and easy french fry action, we are stuck with fast-food (and no, McDonald’s fries are not awesome).

Belgium has three official languages (Dutch, French, and German) and with that trifecta of speech it should come as no surprise that fried potatoes are a big deal in that part of the world. So much so that they have French Fry Vending Machines.

Above is shown a French Fry Vending Machine in action in Chaussee de Gand Steenweg op Gent in Brussels, Belgium. Ninety seconds to fries. Only a few bucks (€2.50). No squeaky voiced teen pretending to watch the fry basket. And yes, they are served with mayo (or ketchup).

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Happy Kitchen Candy Hamburgers

Happy Kitchen Candy Hamburgers from Kracie

It is important to know where your food comes from. Even if that means getting your fast food meal in powdered form.

The Happy Kitchen Candy Hamburger kit is a make-it-yourself treat that even comes complete with a cola just waiting to be fizz. And while ordering a burger and fries (that you have to mix yourself) from Japan may seem like a roundabout way of getting a happy meal, just think how much sweeter it will taste knowing the effort behind it. And the fact that it also happens to be candy.

Your favorite fast food meal now comes in miniature candy form with the hamburger edition of the Happy Kitchen series! Mix the dough, cut the french fries, ‘bake’ the buns, shape the hamburgers, mold the cheese and even prepare your own ketchup. To wash it all down, you’ve got a cola to go along with your meal. From start to finish, you’ll have a smile on your face as your prepare you miniature treat!

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Jack In The Box Bacon Shake

Jack In The Box Bacon Shake

Jack in the Box has come out with a Bacon Shake. They say it’s real. I still will not try it. Well, maybe I will… But no, I shouldn’t… nobody should. But it’s bacon. In milkshake form. Oh, Jack in the Box, that is just not playing fair!

Click to learn more about the insidious Jack In The Box Bacon Shake. (Includes an image of a more-than-slightly disturbing Bacon Baby.)

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Veggies In A Tube

Amway Introduces NUTRILITE Fruits & Vegetables 2GO Twist Tubes

Eww. Veggies in a tube.

To be fair, they do say right there in the press release below:

And, of course, they’re a supplement to, not a substitution for, whole fruits and veggies. Eating the real thing gives you fiber, water and other irreplaceable nutrients.

Just so we’re all clear on that. Meanwhile, on to the veggies in a tube…

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Carl’s Jr. Celebrates 70th Anniversary

Carl's Jr., celebrating its 70th Anniversary, was founded with one hot dog cart on the corner of Florence and Central in Los Angeles on July 17, 1941. One of the earliest hot dog stands is pictured.

Just because the icons of the fast food industry are well, icons, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for the little guy. Consider the success of food trucks in recent years and then read the press release below for inspiration. Then get busy, budding restaurateurs!

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