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The New AeroGarden’s Are Here, The New AeroGarden is here!

I wonder what a tomato has to say?

Okay, maybe an Alexa enabled garden isn’t really about giving a voice to fruits and vegetables. (Who knows what plants have to say?) But what Alexa does do for you is help you control your new countertop garden. The AeroGarden Bounty Elite – Stainless Steel (Alexa-Enabled) is a new 2019 version of the popular indoor garden.

Featuring a sleek look and automated controls, year round veggies and herbs are only a countertop away — if your veggies have anything to say about it that is.

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A Roundup Of Herb Savers — With A New Player

Trudeau Fresh Herb Saver

Fresh herbs go a long way in brightening up a meal. Unfortunately, they do not go a long way sitting around waiting to be used. That is, until herb keepers came along. Some people wrap their herbs in wet paper towels, some keep them out on the counter, and then others look to the refrigerator door for inspiration (or at least storage).

The latest to come along is the Trudeau Fresh Herb Saver. Storing fresh herbs and/or asparagus upright, the storage solution calls for a little bit of water to be stored in its base. This model features a small window that makes it easy to see the water level. Opting for affordability and simplicity this herb saver (like its competition) keeps things basic and easy to use. Which is exactly what you want to find when looking for some herbs.

The other players that are fighting for space in your refrigerator door include:

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Wave This Herb Wand For Magic Meals

Chef'n Herb Wand

The magic that goes into meal-making is nothing to marvel at; all that is needed are good ingredients and a little know-how. But then again, that doesn’t mean a magic wand wouldn’t help.

The Chef’n Herb Wand might not do any magic tricks but it can help to add flavor and depth to dishes. The simple kitchen gadget consists of a 9.5-inch long nylon wand with an herb-holder at the tip. Dip woody herbs like rosemary or thyme into oil and then baste ingredients while they cook. The result will be a delicious meal that tastes as if it came right out of a sorcery book instead of a cookbook. (Just don’t try to tell that to Betty Crocker.)

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Herbs On The Wall With Wooly Pocket

Wally from Wooly Pocket is a modular planter system.

Any cook who has ever picked up a fry pan has thought about starting an herb garden. Unfortunately, that dream doesn’t always grow into a reality. The most common of excuses also happens to be the most difficult to overcome: lack of space. If you’re climbing the walls over the high cost of herbs at the store, there happens to be something useful to do about it while you are up there.

Wally from Wooly Pockets is a modular growing system that hangs from the wall. Featuring environmentally responsible construction, the planters are soft-sided and breathable, allowing herbs the opportunity to thrive anywhere. (For those that do have the space, see Wooly Pockets other products, Meadow and Islands.)

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Grill Basket Herb Grilling Grid Gets It

Charcoal Companion Nonstick Herb Grilling Grid

Grill baskets come in all shapes and sizes, designed for everything from fish to burgers. While some of these contraptions are not necessary or even particularly useful, others offer are actually quite convenient. Sometimes, they even enhance the grilling experience.

Designed as a quick and easy way to add depth of flavor to food on the grill, the Charcoal Companion Nonstick Herb Grilling Grid is a grill basket like no other. Measuring 18-inches across and 12-inches deep, the hinged mesh screens clasp shut, securely keeping fresh herbs in place as they infuse your meal with flavor.

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Herb Mill Stores Right In The Freezer

Fresh Mill Herb Storage and Mill

Fresh herbs, while delicious, are often quite a hassle to deal with: at the store they can be expensive, while growing your own can be tricky. However, cooking just wouldn’t be the same without them. So, we suffer the price tag or attempt to grow a green thumb, and when our efforts are rewarded with fresh herbs, two new issues arrive: storage and use.

While how to supply your kitchen with fresh herbs may require some contemplation, actually storing and using them doesn’t have to. The Fresh Mill Herb Storage and Mill solves two aspects of herb usage at once. The kitchen gadget stores herbs directly in the colorful little container, while the integrated mill makes adding herbs to dishes as easy as opening up the freezer. Just grab and twist, and stored herbs quickly become delectable ingredients. The innovative design conquers two of the more common issues regarding herb usage, and makes those fresh herbs in the store seem a lot more economical.

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