Toast Is Not A Toy

Joie Toast Strips Cutter

Toast may not be a toy, but it sure can be fun to play with. When cut into strips, it turns into a delicious finger-food ready to be dunked, dipped and devoured. But toast doesn’t come in strips you say? It does if you have the Joie Toast Strips Cutter.

Separating standard-sized toasted bread into four even strips, the kitchen gadget transforms ordinary, boring toast into pure ready-to-eat excitement. Just remember, as the product description clearly states, this is not a tool to be taken lightly.

Product Description:
It takes just one simple motion to make: Single strips for dipping into eggs. Crustless PB&J for the kids. Neatly divided French toast. Elegant part sandwiches. Not dishwasher safe. This is not a toy.

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