Your $5.99 down the drain

Farberware Pro Tuna Press

I totally understand the rationale for the Farberware Pro Tuna Press to exist. A can of tuna is filled with oil or water; somehow that liquid needs to be removed. Of course, a tuna press! The only question that remains is how to remove the lid from the can of tuna when it drops down into the can. I guess by pressing down on it… that would then press out the water. Oh. Hmm…still, this useless kitchen gadget is a nice green color, isn’t it? I wonder what the semi-pro version looks like.


  1. I think that BTKS got this one totally wrong. First off, I bought one of these and love it. The reason that it works so well is not simply because it helps to squeeze the oil from the tuna, but because it lets the user do so while keeping his/her hands clean. I hate having to wash my hands after squeezing the lid of a tuna can down into the meat. This nifty device also doesn’t require me to dig out the lid from the bottom of a can one I’ve squeezed it (which usually requires a fork). Kudos to Farberware on this one. I’ve given away a few of these to friends and they all love it!

  2. my can opener holds the lid so the can of tuna that goes into the
    tuna press is lidless. DUH!!!!! next time try the product before
    you comment. mine works great!

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