Tubes worked for the internet: why not cereal too?

Quatuor by Arthur Senant

You know those Trader Joe’s cereals that are really, really good, but for some reason don’t come in large boxes? I mean, there are probably about four bowls of cereal per box. Yeah, they’re good, and yeah, they cost a couple of bucks, but c’mon! I don’t want to feel the need to buy a box every other day. Mr. Trader Joe: either make ‘em in a bigger size, or send ‘em directly into my kitchen.

The Quatuor by Arthur Senant is a kitchen accessory thankfully still in the conceptual stage. I say ‘thankfully’, because while those pipes may be a neat design element for storing and dispersing dry goods, they would be a lot better if they ran through the wall and straight to the source of Trader Joe’s cereal. Come to think of it, a pizza chute would be pretty good too.

(Via Yanko Design)

Quatuor by Arthur Senant -- endless cereal

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