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Star Wars R2-D2 Can Coolers

Beer Coozie: Star Wars R2-D2 Can Coolers

How to ruin a Star Wars joke: Oh, there’s my R2-D2 Can Cooler. I was looking for that. But no worries, Star Wars and beer fans, this is the can coozie you were looking for. Or is it a koozie? No matter, the beer droid you were looking for is here.

Of course, it goes much better with lunch from the Thermos Novelty Lunch Kit, Star Wars R2D2 with Lights and Sound that you made with the Exclusive Star Wars R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set – Limited Edition. And that’s no joke.

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Ketchup And Mustard #10 Can Pumps

Pumps for Heinz #10 Jugs of Mustard & Ketchup. Set of 2. Great For Convenience Stores & Professional Food Service Areas.

Stop having convenience store jealousy. What convenience store jealousy you may ask? Why that would be the sense of condiment envy that one gets after being hypnotized by the endlessly spinning hot dogs by the register. All those condiments just waiting to be piled on…

Even though one can walk into their local Costco and pick up all the #10 cans of ketchup and mustard that they can haul, what to do with them in the home environment has always been a mystery. Until now.

Now, with a simple internet purchase and a trip to the big warehouse store, you too can have the convenience of the convenience store right in your own kitchen!

…Of course you’ll need one of these to go along with your new found condiment pride. (At least for the mustard can, that is.)

Pumps for Heinz #10 Jugs of Mustard & Ketchup. Set of 2. Great For Convenience Stores & Professional Food Service Areas.

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Andy Warhol Campbell’s Soup Can Magnets

Andy Warhol Campbell’s Soup Can Magnets

Soup can do a lot of things. It can nourish, it can cure the common cold (well, at least make a cold more tolerable), and it can do one other surprising thing: it can be art.

The Andy Warhol Campbell’s Soup Can Magnets might not be edible, but they sure can spice up the kitchen. Stick ’em on the fridge and show everybody how you support soup. Or art. Either way.

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Cut The Spam (Into Consistent Slices)

MIU France 90111 Lunch Meat Slicer

Nobody likes spam, but as for Spam, the food product, well let’s just say it’s more enjoyable. Maybe. But, regardless of how you use it the first step is to cut it up. (Or just grab the hunk and start chewing if you feel daring.) The MIU France Lunch Meat Slicer is a canned meat-sized slicing tool designed especially for creating consistently-sized slices from the popular meat-in-a-can treat product. While it may not rival sliced bread for the title of Greatest Thing, perhaps by association it will at least help a little bit with reputation of the edible type of Spam.

Product Description:
The canned meat slicer from MIU makes stacks of perfectly sliced meat for everything from sandwiches to sushi. Place the canned meat onto the base of the unit and close the handle firmly to slice the meat. The handle comes off for easy cleaning. Constructed of durable ABS and stainless steel; the MIU lunch meat slicer has ten stainless steel cutting wires. Dishwasher safe. Item #90111.

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Trudeau Stress Less Safety Can Opener

Trudeau Stress Less Safety Can Opener

Despite the marvels of modern kitchen technology, cans can’t open themselves. (Those pull-tab ones may come close, but we aren’t there yet.) Electric can openers, despite their ease-of-use, take up valuable counter space; however, for many, they are stuck with them as hand-held options can be hard to use. The Trudeau Stress Less Safety Can Opener tries to eliminate this issue by providing increased leverage with the rotating cranking arm. Additionally, the cutting mechanism leaves no sharp edges, making this can opener not only easier to use, but safer too.

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Open Up To Bamboo In The Kitchen

Natural Home Decor Bamboo Can Opener

Bamboo has been invading the kitchen for years; the growing trend has seen an increase in everything from utensils to flooring. This has been a good thing, as bamboo is an eco-friendly alternative to hardwoods and plastics: it grows quickly without pesticides making it an attractive option, both for its visual appeal as well as for its environmental impact.

The Natural Home Decor Bamboo Can Opener keeps the bamboo trend growing by replacing plastics with the sustainable plant. Using bamboo for the grip and the handle, the can opener offers a distinctive style for the kitchen. Even the metal parts are made from recycled stainless-steel. It may be responsible to use this can opener, but what you use it to open, however, is another story.

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