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Chill Your Zombies On The Go: Portable Mini-Fridge

goFridge Mini Fridge Portable Electric Cooler

Everybody seems to like the ‘Walking Dead’ television show (except when they kill off the ‘wrong’ characters), even appliance product descriptions like this portable mini-fridge. Of course, it doesn’t say anything about zombies, but I think we all know. Judge for yourself from this product description:

goFridge Mini Fridge Portable Electric Cooler

Both 110v Wall Plug and 12v Car Adapter Included
Digital Temperature Display and Controls- from 36°F to 140°F
Lighted Interior with On/Off Button
2 Removable Shelves, 3 Positions
Durable Plastic Construction with Brushed Chrome Look
Carry Handle on Top
Holds 12 Bottles or 24 Cans & Room for Sandwiches!
Heats & Cools Automatically to Maintain the Perfect Temp
Compatible with Generators for Post-Apocalyptic Use!

Of course, zombies have been immersed in popular culture for decades. It’s even got to the point where zombies may or may not exist. However, no matter if you are fighting off hordes of the undead, or just kicking back on a Saturday evening, a nice drink in hand deserves to be chilled. And if you are drinking the famous tiki drink named the zombie, you’ll need a place to store all those ingredients.

Professor Cocktail’s Zombie Horde: Recipes for the World’s Most Lethal Drink

Clearly, it’s a good time for zombie fans to be alive not undead!

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Handmade Chocolate Zombie Fingers

Chocolate Zombie Fingers

Hands up! Who wants some chocolate?

Oh, sorry.

Okay, we’ll try that again Fists in the air! Who wants some chocolate?

The Handmade (ahem) Chocolate Zombie Fingers come four to a pack. So while you are gnawing down on these this Halloween, keep an eye out for hitchhiking zombies.

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Zombie Hand Bottle Opener

Zombie Hand Bottle Opener

Beeeeeeeeer. Wait, I mean braaaaaaaiiiinss. Oh wait, no that was right: Beeeeeeeeeerrr.

Product Description:
Are you ready to lay to rest your disgusting, half-dead bottle opener? You need the fantastic Zombie Hand Bottle Opener from the NeatoShop. This amazing handcrafted church key can and bottle opener combo looks like a gruesome zombie hand. Make a NeatoShop zombie a part of your family today. We think you will find them to be very giving undead people. As you can see, they are always willing to lend a hand to someone in need.

June 1, 2012   2 Comments

Food On The Brain

'What have you got in your head?' by artist Sara Asnaghi.

'What have you got in your head?' by artist Sara Asnaghi.

‘What have you got in your head?’ is a series of brain food sculptures created by artist Sara Asnaghi. Everything from barley to candy sprinkles are represented, so check out the link and dig in! Mmm… braaaaiiins.

(Via Neatorma)

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Pickle Your Brains With These Mason Preserving Jars

Mason Preserving Jars

The key to zombie/human relations is sharing. Kitchen gadgets can help. Both zombies and humans are in need of good quality storage solutions. Zombies need a place to keep their (your) brains, and the not-undead need a place to store pickles. Therefore, these Mason Preserving Jars are a win/win. When the brains are all gone, the good zombie neighbor can lend their set out. Especially if the neighbor in question is the other segment of the population in need of quality brain storage, the evil mad scientists. Honestly, Abby Normal Soap In A Jar deserves a better fate.

Abby Normal Soap In A Jar

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ThinkGeek Chocolate Zombie Bunny Turns Real

ThinkGeek Chocolate Zombie Bunny

Considering previous ThinkGeek April Fool’s gag products have turned real, it shouldn’t be a great surprise that the Chocolate Zombie Bunny has found life. Joining other physical-world products, the Tauntaun Sleeping Bag, My First Bacon, Unicorn Meat, Personal Soundtrack Shirt, 8-bit Tie and the iCade, the little critter is the sweet-to-eat treat that bites back. Unfortunately, what isn’t a joke, is the fact that it is all sold out–but hey, there’s always next year.

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