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Obol, The Never-Soggy Cereal Bowl

Obol, the Never-Soggy Cereal Bowl

Soggy cereal is a sorry sight first thing in the morning. Luckily this all-too-common condition has a cure. No, it doesn’t involve changing brands of cereal or some top secret combination that somehow magically counters over-soaked cereal. The answer is in the last place one might expect to look: the bowl.

Obol, The Never-Soggy Cereal Bowl looks to change the perception of what a cereal bowl can be. The bifurcated bowl features two compartments, one for cereal and one for milk. Scoop the cereal into the milk one spoonful at a time and the Soggies become a thing of the past.

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Marshmallow Gun Puts Cocoa Thieves On The Run

Marshmallow Mforcer Semi-Automatic Pistol

What the heck good is a mini-marshmallow? Aside from putting in cocoa or perhaps as an addition to cartoon box cereal when there aren’t enough of those weird little nasty things in it, the sugary little creations are useless. Sure there are s’mores, but those go best with camping, and we’re talking about mini-marshmallows here. They do however, make great ammo.

The Marshmallow Mforcer Semi-Automatic Pistol holds fifteen of the death-dealing widow-makers treats per round, making battles over morning cereal both deadly and delicious. The pump action air gun holds enough oomph to fire off all fifteen shots in succession, so you can feel safe when dealing with any low-down dirty double-crosser trying to sneak off with your cocoa.

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Tubes worked for the internet: why not cereal too?

Quatuor by Arthur Senant

You know those Trader Joe’s cereals that are really, really good, but for some reason don’t come in large boxes? I mean, there are probably about four bowls of cereal per box. Yeah, they’re good, and yeah, they cost a couple of bucks, but c’mon! I don’t want to feel the need to buy a box every other day. Mr. Trader Joe: either make ‘em in a bigger size, or send ‘em directly into my kitchen.

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Have your cereal and drink it too

Fresh Traveller by Arian Brekveld for Royalvkb

It’s not uncommon to want your cake and eat it too. For some, this translates to wanting cereal and having it crunchy too. OK, well maybe that’s a stretch, but the spirit of the statement still stands. After all, it’s simply a matter of wanting a nice bowl of crispy cereal swimming in milk. Even if you have to drink it out of a travel mug.

The Fresh Traveller by Arian Brekveld for Royalvkb makes it possible to enjoy crispy cereal and granola with milk, yogurt or whatever you may prefer. (Does anything crispy or crunchy work in orange juice?) Whatever your pleasure, you can now take it with you to enjoy classic combinations whenever, wherever. Of course with a price tag of $49, you may just be better off buying your box of Cap’n Crunch and pint of milk from the corner store.

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Deviled eggs on the go

Snap 'N Stack Egg-Tainer by Snapware

I have a friend who knows how to make two things: a bowl of cereal and deviled eggs. How this odd combination of minimal kitchen knowledge came be I never asked, but one thing is certain: those deviled eggs are good. (She also pours a mean bowl of milk.)

With the Snap ‘N Stack Egg-Tainer by Snapware those delicious deviled eggs can be safely and easily transported back to my house. Next time she has a party, I can simply show up with this double-tiered storage container and nestle the eggs into the rounded recesses. I would then be able to easily sneak away and safely carry up to 24 deviled eggs back home. I’m sure the remaining party guests wouldn’t mind mingling with bowls of cereal.

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Loopa Spill-Resistant Bowl

Loopa Spill-Resistant Bowl

Some kids never learn. Or at least it seems like they never learn. Either way, if you are a young parent sick of holding back the tears over spilled milk, check out the Loopa Spill-Resistant Bowl. Working like a gyroscope, the brightly colored bowl steadies itself whenever handled. Now when your young one picks up the bowl, the food stays on the inside and not over everything else.

Of course the handles encourage your child to actually grab at the bowl, so there may be some (even greater) awkward dining moments in their teen years. By then of course, you’ll be actively condemning their choice of dates, so really it’s a win-win.

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