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Up Up And Steam Away

Ipow 12

Healthy eating can take you to new heights. Little known fact: veggies also happen to be the secret to UFO propulsion.

For proof, observe the folding steamer basket insert shown above. When opened and the veggies are released, the device shoots through the air.

Of course, when the disc-shaped object opens, all the passengers will go flying out, so perhaps this conspiracy theory will require a little work. Good thing it’s the weekend. (Just in time too, considering this post!) TGIF!

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To Serve Corn

1-Step Corn Kerneler

Like a UFO ravenous for corn, the 1-Step Corn Kerneler removes kernels from the cob without leaving a trace. Just place the flying saucer-shaped gadget over an end of the cob, and press down in one single motion. Kernels are removed and captured in the device itself, hopefully to be whisked away for a benevolent use. Like corn casserole. Or corn chowder. Or corn fritters. Or corn on the cob. Oh, wait not that. But everything else goes.

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Foodpod comes in peace

Fusion Brands -- Foodpod

It all started innocently enough. A manufacturer, in this case Fusion Brands, decided to explore new designs for kitchen gadgets. Apparently an expedition was initiated, and in the far reaches of the galaxy, a new silicone-based life form was found. It’s an old concept (silicon-based life that is, not spaceships traveling about for kitchen gadgetry) that has now been verified by the existence of the Foodpod.

It seems as the calendar year changes, it’s appropriate to welcome in new life. Even if it comes in the form of a kitchen gadget as does the Foodpod. I, for one (as a healthy male), welcome our new silicone overlords… What? What’s that you say?
…Ohhh, silicon creatures are the concept, not silicone. Well that’s better anyways. In spite of the excess of silicone this planet offers (ladies, stay natural please), we welcome you anyways, Foodpod.

(Via Gizmodo)

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Serving little green men

Wooden Flying Saucer Serving Bowl, To Serve Man -- Museum of Robots.

Wooden ships may float, but wooden spaceships? Maybe. But if you’re using this Flying Saucer Serving Bowl, you’re probably going to hope that it is too weighed down with delicious foods to get up and fly away. Depending on what you’re serving, that is. I’ll pass on the bowl of little green men, thank you very much.

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Take me to your raclette party

Unold Flying Raclette

If only all parties involved some kind of helicopter-UFO appliance. Or at least melted cheese. With the Unold Flying Raclette you get both! Made for melting or browning cheese, which is then served with potatoes, meat and vegetables, the sci-fi looking kitchen gadget is a new take on a traditional raclette grill.

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Party on the patio well into the night

LED Patio Umbrella Light

Cooking up a feast in the backyard is a great way to spend an afternoon. So great in fact, that more often than not, grilling sessions extend beyond sundown. Luckily, we live in a modern society where a minor inconvenience such as the sun going down doesn’t have to stop the party in its tracks, However, you will need some illumination to overcome Mother Nature’s early bedtime.

The LED Patio Umbrella Light may be a rather unworldly looking light, but it is designed to keep us firmly planted in our backyards. The 4.25-inch diameter saucer slides easily on to standard umbrella poles. Powered by four AAA batteries, the umbrella light may have enough juice to keep the party going, but as far as any sudden fast directional changes are concerned, that’s entirely up to you.

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