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Big Ice For Big Drinks

Tovolo King Cube Extra Large Silicone Ice Cube Tray

There’s no reason disrespect a tall glass filled with a refreshing beverage by adding just any ordinary ice cube. At least not when it’s this easy to super-size it. The Tovolo King Cube Extra Large Silicone Ice Cube Tray produces extra-large ice cubes perfect for honoring your favorite beverage. The large two-inch receptacles are great not only for filling with water, but could also be used to produce jumbo-sized frozen juice cubes to add an interesting twist to your favorite adult beverages—despite the huge size, please remember to drink responsibly.

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Safe To Touch After Handling: Chili Grinder

Alessi Piccantino Chilli Cruncher designed by Jim Hannon-Tan

Nuclear-hot red chili peppers add a decisive kick to what could be an otherwise boring meal. However it’s exactly the fact that they are so damn hot that can make them too hot to handle. Literally. Releasing endorphins is great and all, but it doesn’t count if they’re triggered via hot pepper in the eye. The same volatile oil that can make eating hot pepper so enjoyable, is the same one that can stick to the fingers and end up in the most unwelcome of places.

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It’s not magic, it’s Sushi Magic!

Sushi Magic Kit

It can take years to be properly trained as a sushi chef. Or, with the help of a little magic, it can take minutes. Promising to “put the ‘U’ in sushi” (um, eww), Sushi Magic offers fresh-fish lovers an easy-to-use kit that gives everyone the ability to make sushi at home. The kit contains a mold for making nigiri sushi, and a non-stick silicone mat for creating rolls. Included is a ‘sushi handbook’, which includes tips for selecting sushi-grade fish, and cooking sushi rice.

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Twist Whisk promises more than hot air

Twist Whisk 10

Air turbulence isn’t always a bad thing. While the aerodynamically sensitive industries surrounding planes, trains and automobiles may disagree about that, cooking is all about moving air. One might think that usually cooking concerns the movement of hot air in particular, but not in this case.

The Cuisipro Twist Whisk may look like loopy red licorice vines sticking out of a handle, but these silicone-wrapped wires aren’t going to be very tasty (or easy to eat). Designed to create more movement of air while mixing, the textured nature of the of the wires carry with them the promise of increased efficiency, resulting in reduced whipping and mixing time. Forget the mysterious black box material, if Red Vines licorice makes things go faster, maybe they start making airplanes out of candy.

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Please hold the mustard with Cakewich

Cakewich from Fred & Friends

Peanut butter and jelly not sweet enough for ya? Instead of topping it with sugar, try using cake instead of bread. Sure, good ol’ white bread might as well be made with sugar, but sometimes it’s best just to cut to the chase. The Cakewich from Fred & Friends is a silicone baking pan shaped to look like sliced bread. Bake, slice and fill with your favorite sweet treats. Just be forewarned if you have a penchant for chocolate cake—somehow I don’t think adding turkey will too well mimic a turkey on dark rye.

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Foodpod comes in peace

Fusion Brands -- Foodpod

It all started innocently enough. A manufacturer, in this case Fusion Brands, decided to explore new designs for kitchen gadgets. Apparently an expedition was initiated, and in the far reaches of the galaxy, a new silicone-based life form was found. It’s an old concept (silicon-based life that is, not spaceships traveling about for kitchen gadgetry) that has now been verified by the existence of the Foodpod.

It seems as the calendar year changes, it’s appropriate to welcome in new life. Even if it comes in the form of a kitchen gadget as does the Foodpod. I, for one (as a healthy male), welcome our new silicone overlords… What? What’s that you say?
…Ohhh, silicon creatures are the concept, not silicone. Well that’s better anyways. In spite of the excess of silicone this planet offers (ladies, stay natural please), we welcome you anyways, Foodpod.

(Via Gizmodo)

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